You can buy stools easily or ask a professional to make them for you. But, something that we made by ourselves is pretty cool. It will show your creativity, personal touch, and vision. Bar stools are easy to make and affordable for anyone. At least, you have basic carpenter skills to make a DIY stool. You will work with wood, pipe, hammer, nails, and other materials to make a stool. In this article, we give you examples of DIY stools to inspire you.

Easy DIY Stained Bar Stool

Easy diy stained bar stool


This bar stool is made of wood. It might need several days to finish. But, you see the result that is so mind-blowing. You can use this stool to complete your kitchen decor. Or, it can be placed in a nook of your living room to put on some vases.

DIY White Bar Stools

These bar stools are painted well in white. Those are great for seating on the kitchen island while waiting for the meals cooked. Make sure that you create the legs carefully. So, it will be stable. It might need several days to some stools like the picture

Easy Wooden Bar Stools

Look at these bar stools’ designs that are so eye-catching. The basic materials are cedar lumber and you need to buy them more to make every part of the stools. Back and front legs, sideboards, back and front boards, inside and outside seat boards, and the seat supports are made of wood cedar.

DIY Kitchen Bar Stool Reveal

This bar stool might work well for a rustic kitchen, but it can be used for any kitchen style. First of all, you need to prepare the cedar woods to make the legs. Then, prepare a round slice of wood to create the seats. Paint them to look more eye-catching.

Sumptuous DIY Bar Stool

Dipped bar stools that are painted well in black and gold will improve your decor. It brings your home decoration to the next level. Black and gold are sumptuous, elegant, and luxurious. Furthermore, it needs only several minutes to paint the stools.

DIY Concrete Bar Stools

The materials used in making these bar stools are concrete and wooden logs. You don’t need to paint the stools. Furthermore, let the stools as they are. Put them in your kitchen or any space you want. Feel free to make it higher or lower. Consider making size variations. So, kids and adults can seat well.



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