A side table will complete your room decoration. It can be placed in the living room, bedroom, or any nook in your house. There are many side tables that you can buy easily. However, make it by hand will be a different thing. You can show your personal touch and get the design you want. In this article, we show DIY side table ideas that are easy to make and affordable. Check out the lists below to get more inspiration.

DIY Record Table

Diy record table


What about this hip-style side table? It will cost you around $10. Can you believe it? Take an old record that is not used anymore. Buy the legs from a thrift store or a dollar store. Attach the record to the leg. Put this table in your living room to complete the seating area.

DIY Concrete Side Table

Look at this side table that is so elegant for any room decor. Even, you can put this concrete side table outside. It is completely solid with a hollow inside. Don’t think that it is too heavy. You can move it easily anywhere you want, inside or outside the house.

Studed Wooden Side Table

It will be more interesting to paint your wooden side table white. Then, add stud around to get it more eye-catching. This wooden side table works well for any home style. No matter rustic, contemporary, modern, or even bohemian style.

Easy Side Table

Look at this basket side table that can be placed right beside the sofa or any nook in your room. Well, it might need several days to finish this DIY side table, but you will love the result. The material of this side table makes it more durable. Furthermore, it works well for any season.

Simple Wooden Side Table

Well, it can be done by uniting each wooden block. Use glue to attach them to each other till becoming a cool side table like the picture. However, it will be so heavy. Put this in the corner might become the easiest thing rather than moving it. A beginner can make this project as well. No hard technique to do at all.

DIY Dog Bed Side Table

A cat or dog lover should have this cool DIY side table. It has a double function, as a table and a bed for a puppy or kitty. Cut out the table and make the bed by putting on a soft fur pillow.


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