There are so many options when choosing the right side table for your space. It can be made from wood, metal, acrylic, square or round, shelves or drawer, high or low, anything. First of all, you need to consider the height. The best one is the one that is easy to reach for setting a drink and else. Take a look at your existing furniture to decide which side table look that is suitable for your space.

The next one is consider the shape to bring balance to your space. Think about the storage and function that you want (depends on your need). If you think that you need extra storage, consider to choose side table with drawers or open shelves. Now check out these 7 easy DIY side tables to help you save the money below.

1. Mid-Century Side Table with Storage


A very stylish table that’s surprisingly easy to create. Just mix a cake pan, some paint, and a few pieces of wood and this mid-century side table is ready for you.

2. Two-Tiered and Pastel Side Table

This DIY two-tiered side table will turns your space into the centerpiece of a fresh and beachy.

3. Chopping Board Conversion


Turn your IKEA chopping board into this great side table. The style is incredibly versatile and could work as a nightstand or patio table.

4. Modern Block Style

Revamp your boring and outdated block tables with a modern geometric twist. Spiffed up this tables with contact paper that will adds a trendy and eclectic feel.

5. Gilded Side Table

This golden gem of a table was so easy to make. Just spray paint the planter and serving bowl with gold paint. Easy, right?

6. IKEA Hack

A black and white nightstand or side table beats out a bland unfinished one any day of the week. All it takes is a few hours, a fresh coat of paint, and some gumption.

7. Minimalist Magic

Mid-century is definitely having its moment. But if you’re more of a purist with minimalist decor, this nightstand will likely be your speed. A coat of varnish will keep the unfinished look fresh for years to come.

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