Before you decided to decorate your rent house, get written permission from the landlord. With your agreements spelled out in ink, chances fare better that the lord of your manor will remember your pact, and you’ll move on to your next castle with peace of mind and, hopefully, a deposit fully returned. Be thrifty and beware of purchasing used upholstered items. Do accessorize by give an accent in lighting, curtains, rugs, plants, and else to fill your space with your personality. Check out these 10 easy DIYs to bring your rental home a fabulous look below.

1. DIY Pegboard Hanging Plant

If you want to add greenery to your space, this DIY pegboard hanging plant is a cost-effective way to display your plants and give them plenty of space to grow.

2. Chasing Paper Poppy Pattern Removable Wallpaper

This removable wallpaper is can be a great idea to make your space looks cheerful. You can use it to cover your boring wall, give an accent to your table top, or even a simple backdrop for your shelves.

3. Painted Shoe cabinet


Many of us are having a problem to store the shoes. Give your drawer a new look by paint them with your favorite color, and your space-saving shoe closet is in your hand.

4. Cabinet Bar Cart

Repurpose your cabinet into something precious to add visual clutter; a cabinet bar cart to keep everything at bay.

5. Fireplace Repurposing

If you are lucky enough to get a rent house with mantel, all you gotta do is paint the inside of the fireplace and stack it full of books and magazines.

6. Removable Fabric Wallpaper

If you have a big space and buying a wallpaper is a bit out of the budget, you can just simply replace the wallpaper with a fabric. Because fabric and liquid starch are the new answer to your renter house.

7. Renter Friendly Built-Ins

If your landlords aren’t usually keen on permanent installations, use a millwork and IKEA bookshelves, so you can get the classic look of the shelving that is also easily removable.

8. Quadro Style Removable Floor Vinyl Decal


Removable vinyl floor tiles in a variety of patterns and styles can take your bathroom or kitchen.

9. DIY Gold Stripe Fridge

Wrap your refrigerator in gold duct tape for a glam update that won’t break your wallet.

10. Bookshelf Room Divider

If you have a large space and need something to split it, use a large bookcase as your room divider. Style it on both sides or use it as an entryway console.

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