Sometimes, we have an intention to change our room decoration. The reason can be because we already feel bored with the previous decor or because the room looks monotonous. Unfortunately, decorating a room is not as easy we think. It needs more time and money to create gorgeous room. However, to make a room you dream with cheap and simple step you have to be more creative. Here are some cheap and outstanding room decorations to try:

Driftwood Candle Holder

Driftwood candle holder

Have you imagine that a fallen branch can be used for your room decoration? Here it is the way. Just found driftwood outdoor. Make sure it is still in a good condition. Choose the best size and shape as you need. Make it clean then create a hole to put the chandlers.

Fabric Cover Lampshade

Fabric cover lampshade

By decorating your lamps you will change your bedroom look. You have to cut the fabric as needed to cover the lamps. Use glue to stamp it on the lamp. It is easy and cheap to make but need creativity. If you want to add some ornament it will look amazing.

DIY Media Box

Fabric cover lampshade

This simple DIY media box helps you to keep your things under the TV. It minimizes clutter and can be used as storage. You have to prepare plywood and cut it based on the TV size. After that, you need to add small wood as the edge.

DIY Paint Dipped Rope Basket


This simple basket can be used to save some small pieces like keys, jewelries or any other things you have. What you need to have is rope to be like a basket. Use glue to make the pattern and spray with paint in order to look aesthetic.

DIY Double Box Shelf


This double box shelf can be found in some modern house at this era. You can make it by yourself by having wooden plain and shape it like a box. Hang on the wall and feel free to choose the color you like or make match with the color of the wall.

Stylish Shoe Rack

Stylish shoe rack

It is not complex project actually but you need to follow the step carefully to make this stylish shoe rack as the picture. What you need to have is basic carpentry skill. Along the process you need to cut and do some carpentry steps for having this shoe rack.

DIY Copper Pipe Jewelry Stand


You can make into small or big copper jewelry stand as you need. It be used to save your jewelries, accessories or any small things you have. Make the shape as like as you want whether “T” shape or any pattern as you need.

DIY Wooden Slat Hanging Frame


Look at this super easy hanging frame. You can make this DIY wooden slat hanging frame with its drawings with your children. Feel free to put any drawings you like such as paintings, mosaic, or your family photos at this frame.

DIY Hanging Plate on the Wall

Hanging plate on the wall

Choose the plates you want. It can be all in white or with pattern plates to be hanged on the wall. You need to buy metal picture hangers on the nearest storage. You are pleased to hang the plates to any room you like just like kitchen, dining room, or at the corner of your bedroom.



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