Presenting stools can be super useful in almost any room of your house. But, it will cost you when you have to buy it. Therefore, you can always do the DIY furniture, right? It will be the same with the stools. Here we give you the solution with Pretty DIY Stool Ideas You Can Create From Scrap Materials.

Maganize Stool

Maganize stool Pretty DIY Stool Ideas You Can Create From Scrap Materials


The DIY magazine stool is such a fun piece to display and use around the house. Stick in the office or living room for guests to sit on. The materials you need are a stack of magazines, a leather belt, a screws driver, 1 hardwood plywood panel, 4 rubber wheel rigid casters, and 2 bags of screws.

Wood And Twine Stool

Wood and twine stool Pretty DIY Stool Ideas You Can Create From Scrap Materials


This idea is for you. It is a DIY stool project for the individual that doesn’t want to sew. This wood and twine stool requires starting with an unfinished footstool or side table, then sprucing it up with sandpaper and some wood stain. Next, you will use twine, and a staple gun to make the cute top. Since, after knowing the process, this project does not require a ton of construction, so you can easily have a new stool for your home in a single afternoon.

Fancy Upholstered Stool

Look at this classy and professional look as the result of a DIY project. This specific tutorial will show you how to design a stool that would be quite pricey in stores. The supplies you need are 12-inch concrete form, 1 13-inch circle of ¾-inch plywood, 1 13-inch circle of ½-inch plywood, 1-inch foam (50 inches to wrap around the concrete form plus a 15-inch topper), 1-yard quilt batting, 1-yard upholstery fabric, 4 pieces  2″ x 2″ x 2″ scrap wood, 2 ½-inch wood screws, duct tape, and wood glue. Then, the tools you need are a jigsaw, clamps, upholstery stapler, and sewing machine.

Cute Underfoot Upcycled Crate

Upcycling something feels great, right? Moreover, when you are able to turn something you would never use into something you need! Here, grab the wooden crate that you have got lying around and transform it into the cutest footstool. The other supplies you need are plywood cut to the size of your crate, paint for crate, fabric or towel for the top of the crate, padding, staple gun, liquid nails or other high strength glue, rope, hot glue, and gun.

Extra Storage Cloth Stool

It is a comfy place to sit, but it can be a great place to store children’s toys, a blanket, or any other odds and ends that you want to keep out of sight. For this project, you will need a few tools to get the rag rug to attach to the bucket, but overall it’s a fairly simple project that doesn’t require any crazy skills.

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