This pouch idea looks modern, bold, and transparent where you can see what’s inside immediately. It means when you are in a rush you can get what you in faster. Keep scroll down the ideas on DIY Spectacular DIY Bags And Pouches Of Clear Vinyl You Can Create Know.

DIY Water-Resistant ZIP Pouch

Although this touch is inspired by the summer season and it is also pretty to show on any season of your country. This pouch is made with clear vinyl and colorful metallic confetti and you can customize the look. Thus, to create this pouch you will need ¼ yard clear vinyl, 12’’ colored zipper, metallic confetti, sewing machine, thread, scissors, tassel, jump ring, and pliers. Besides, you can create the bigger one to hold your wet swimsuit after a swim.

DIY Pouch With A Vinyl On The Bottom

Diy pouch with a vinyl on the bottom DIY Spectacular DIY Bags And Pouches Of Clear Vinyl You Can Create Know


If your kids are excited about back to school, this clear vinyl pouch on the bottom is one of the smart choices. This pouch offers you a clear pouch with super easy to sew through. You and your kids will have a great spot to showcase your cute supplies. Therefore, the supplies you need to create this pouch are 10 gauge clear vinyl, ¼ yard cotton, 9’’ heavy-duty zipper, and non-stick Teflon foot.

DIY Clear Vinyl Zippered Pouch

This idea is to show you a sheer makeup pouch that is comfortable where you can see what’s inside and you can find what you need faster. To create this pouch the supplies you need are clear vinyl, zipper, and thread. Meanwhile, the tools we need to create this pouch are a sewing machine, leather sewing machine needle, binder clips, glue stick, scotch tape, rotary cutter, and self-healing cutting mat.

DIY Round Leaf Patterned Travel Bag Of Vinyl

This DIY round leaf-patterned travel bag of vinyl will love to accompany you when you have a hangout with friends this weekend. You can wear this pouch for all kinds of accessories even money.

DIY Customized Vinyl Backpack For Kids

This backpack is definitely creative for your kids that made of throw kindness around like confetti cut file, Cricut marker, Cricut premium permanent vinyl, weeder tool, transfer tape, and backpack.


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