It’s time to go picnic. What should we prepare before going to our favorite place? It will be about the tools and equipment, and the food. Ask your family and friends to go picnic with you. The kids will enjoy playing outside. The adults will refresh their minds by seeing the beauty of nature. Then, you will be very happy seeing all people around you with love and care. However, don’t forget to bring picnic blankets! A blanket is important in a picnic plan.

DIY Picnic Blanket with Pocket

Diy picnic blanket with pocket


Whether you want to make a blanket from scratch or just buy it at a store, adding a pocket will be great. You can save your important things there. When your kids want to play hide and seek, they can store their toys here.

Handmade Patchwork Sweater Blanket

If you haven’t donated your old sweaters, turn them into an eye-catching blanket. Just cut out the sleeves. Then, use the rest to make a patchwork blanket. You will love the result. It shows more patterns that are unique.

DIY Ombre Blanket

What if you have bought a blanket, but you want it to look more beautiful to carry your goods in summer? Why don’t you create an ombre picnic blanket using simple fabric dyes? Make sure that you choose a white sheet. Then, tie-die it to the color you want.

DIY Stamped Picnic Blanket

We tend to choose the easiest way of customizing a blanket to look our very own. In this way, we do. We only have to stamp the existing blanket with triangle patterns for the entire surface. You can do so for your blanket in a different way, anyway.

DIY Watermelon Picnic Blanket

Cheer up your springtime by using a DIY watermelon picnic blanket. You will need a round white cotton tablecloth, green die, pink due, clothes pins, black fabric paint, paintbrush, and black pom-pom trim. Make the watermelon picnic blanket using easy fabric dies.

DIY Embroidered Picnic Blanket

It will be a fun project that you can do this week. Before going to your favorite picnic place, make this DIY embroidered picnic blanket. Draw the pattern at the center. You are free to write “let’s picnic”, “happy holiday”, “It’s summer”, or others.

DIY Jeans Picnic Blanket

Check out your jeans drawer! Are there many jeans in various colors? Cut them out. Then, use each piece to make a DIY jeans picnic blanket. It looks so awesome to bring this blanket for your picnic day.

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