Although it is not something essential for your home decoration part, providing the mat is also needed. Even when you don’t want to add too much summer touch to your home, you can utilize the mat to bring the ambiance. It can be by simply providing the mat with a summer pattern or design. The amazing thing about it is that you can create your own summer mat by decorating the mat you have in your house or even create the mat by yourself from the start. That will be amazing how the mat can give your house a summer atmosphere while you have it in a simple way.

For decorating the mat, you can do it by painting the mat or sewing some patterns there. Choose your old mat that is still proper and in a good condition, then find the waterproof paint color to make it durable. If you want to sew something on the mat, make sure that you choose the right mat that could possibly be sewn. Additionally, if you want to make the mat by yourself, you can do it by using your old fabric and weaving it. To give the summer vibe, you can do it by playing with the colors that represent the summertime. Here are the references for you.

Watermelon Mat from Architectureartdesigns

Striped Mat from Morningchores

Rainbow Mat from Morningchores

Hand Painting Rainbow Mat from Lovelyindeed

Pineapple Mat from Morningchores

Home Letter Mat from Morningchores

Blue Painted Wooden Mat from Architectureartdesigns

Dark Blue Door Mat from Architectureartdesigns

Colorful Hand Painting Mat from Architectureartdesigns

Citrus Door Mat from Bobvila

Dolphins Doormat from Diycraftsy

DIY Pineapple Doormat from Diycraftsy

Blue Chevron Doormat from Diycraftsy

Geometric Welcome Mat from Diycraftsy

Sisal Coil Doormat from Diycraftsy

Sunshine Door Mat from Happinessishomemade

Pom Pom Door Mat from Avso

Wave Fabric Door Mat from Avso

Flower Door Mat from Makeandtakes

Green Grass Door Mat from Bhg

Coir Beach Doormats from Completely-coastal

Light Blue Door Mat from Hertoolbelt

Color Block Door Mat from Realestate

Welcome Pineapple Mat from Twofeetfirst

Light Blue Door Mat from Shrimpsaladcircus

Blue Painted Wooden Mat from Apartmenttherapy

Tropical Door Mat from Apartmenttherapy

Cactus Mat from Agirlandagluegun

Hand Painting Mat from Craftboxgirls

Color Block Mat from Craftboxgirls

Donut Mat from Housebeautiful

Triangle Mat Pattern from Designbump

DIY Woven Sisal Door Mat from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Summer Door Mat from Society19

Beach Mat from Theturquoisehome

Lemon Mat from Homebnc

Striped and Star Door Mat from Hgtv

Colorful Door Mat from Hgtv

DIY Summer Door Mat from Hgtv

Vertical Striped Mat from Hgtv

Sprinkles Doormat from Hgtv


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