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DIY Ideas to Turn Lots Of Existing Materials Into Custom Shelving

Do you want to create shelves? People need them to store some items or to display their collections. However, they don’t want to spend much money on it. The best way is by creating inexpensive and practical DIY shelves from upcycled materials around the homes. With imagination and DIY skills, anyone can turn existing materials into custom shelving units. We have collected DIY ideas to make shelves with upcycled materials. Check them out further below and get more inspiration!

Old Guitar into Shelves

Old guitar into shelves


First, remove the front panel and the cords. Second, fit a couple of shelves in there. Use hot glue to make them strongly adhesive. You are free to paint it in a different color as you want to. Then, hang it on the wall. Display your plants there. Easy, right? You can finish this project in minutes.

DIY Red Wagon Shelf

What do you think of it? A red wagon shelf will optimize your bathroom space. Cut the wagon and attach it to the wall using supplies and tools. You will need a pipe, elbow pipe, nuts, washers, and metal base plates. Check out how to make it here

Turn Old Magazines into a Bookshelf

How many magazines are there in your closet? What about turning them into a bookshelf? Gather all of the magazines. Stuck them together using hot glue. Then, carefully use a band saw to carve out a rectangular shelf. Attach your new bookshelf to the wall and make it stable.

DIY Old Skateboard Shelves

Don’t throw away your old skateboards. Use them to make DIY shelves. You will need other tools and supplies like L-brackets, screws, anchors, a level, a drill, and a pencil. First, measure how far apart the L-brackets need to be when hanging. Then, measure the inside of each skateboard. Start attaching them to the wall. Check more instructions here.

DIY Bucket Shelving

Buckets are completely functional objects. We can use them as shelving units. First, we need to make the framework using some wood. Second, arrange the buckets on it. Keep all the buckets organized. Then, you will see how cool this bucket shelving is.

DIY Rope Shelves

You will need scraps of rope. Drill holes in the wood and run it through them. Knot it under each hole. Then, you will get your rope shelves ready to use. Make sure that you hang it on the wall carefully. And, start to display your collections there.


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