You have spent much money and time collecting enamel pins from somewhere. Do you put them in the drawer? They will become something like forgotten fidget spinners. How could you do it? Whether you make those enamel pins by hand or buy them, you should treat them well. Displaying them like miniature artwork will be a great idea. Make your focal point with those pins in a wondrous way. Check out our ideas below to see how to display enamel [ins like a mini-museum!

Basic Corkboard Display

Basic corkboard display


Do you have a corkboard? Put your enamel pins on it one by one. It’s just a standard corkboard with a frame. Then, you can display all your collections on the living room wall. You can customize it by adding glitters, stars, or any artwork pieces.

Small Moon-Sliver Board

Rather than a base board, it will be more beautiful to make a small moon-silver board. It looks more decorative. Create it from the corkboard. Draw the pattern on it and cut. Attach the enamel pins you have on it and the frame. 

DIY Mickey Board

Here is another way to display your enamel pins to look gorgeous. A Disney character like Mikey or Mini looks pretty. Shape the corkboard in Mikey’s head. Attach the pins you have to it. Display them in your bedroom. We believe you can make this craft in less than an hour.

Hexagon-Shaped Boards

Whether using corkboard or wood, you can make more hexagon shapes to display your enamel pin collections. When those hexagon-shaped boards are hung on the wall, you will see a gorgeous artwork display. They work well for a rustic, modern, or bohemian style. Cool, huh?

Simple Embroidery-Hoop Pin Display

What do you think of it? A simple embroidery-hoop pin display on the wall will be interesting. It shows artistic value in a genius way. You only need to switch the fabric on the hoop. Then, attach the enamel pins you have. Display this in your living room to show how creative you are. Easy, right? A newbie can finish this simple project in minutes.

Super Simple Enamel Pin Banner

You can start making the banner by cutting a sheet of fabric in the down arrow shape. Roll it on a wooden stick and sew. After that, hang it on a thread or fabric rope. We can put on our enamel pins on this banner. Customize it by adding pom poms at the end of the arrow. 


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