Most people have a tee in their closet. There are various tee styles that you can wear for everyday style. However, it will be much better to add your personal touches. So, you will wear a tee that anyone doesn’t have. Furthermore, it is not a hard thing to add letters to your tee. In this article, we are going to show you cute graphic tees that might inspire you. Check out!

Cute Triangle Tee

It looks nice to have a cute graphic tee with triangle patterns. Your blank graphic tee might look more eye-catching and impressive. Paint your graphic tee in any color of triangles as you like. However, make sure that you use a stencil to get a better look.

Beautiful Rainbow for Tee

Feel free to create letters in rainbow or ombre colors. See the tee in this picture that looks so cute to wear in summer. You can create a similar graphic for your kid’ tee as well. Jus customize the words and colors based on your desire.

Give A Statement

If you have a vinyl shirt, upgrade its look by adding a statement. Use iron-on letters to spruce up your blank vinyl shirt to give you affirmative feeling. Make sure that you make a short phrase but interesting to read.

A Unique Combination

If you have an old t-shirt that is not worn anymore, cut it into some pieces in some letters shape. Then, use your hand to sew them into your blank tee. Now, you have a new t-shirt with beautiful letters that has a 3D look.

Beachy Graphic Tee

To remind us about a beach, it will be nice to stamp on a bohemian pattern in your blank tee. Look from the internet to inspire you the shape of that beachy graphic tee. Use a bleach pen to get this amazing graphic tee style.

Add a Cute Pocket

Adding a cute pocket into your graphic tee to upgrades its look. You can cut a patterned fabric and use it to make a pocket for your blank tee. Customize the size and pattern as you need. Even, you are free to use different fabric styles like cotton or vinyl.

Monogram Graphic Tee

This tee works well for a woman’s style. However, a man can wear it too as long as with different graphics. In this picture, the graphic monogram looks more feminine because of the patterns and colors.

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