Do you miss to travel around tropical countries in summer? There are various beaches with different eye-catching scenery spots that will boost our mood. What about creating DIY beach-themed projects? Decorating our home whether with beach feeling will improve its decoration to look more fresh and chic. Look into your storage and find a bucket of shells, driftwoods, or other beachy items. Then, check out our inspiring beachy DIY ideas below!

Marine-Inspired Wreath

Bring the warm atmosphere into your room with this marine-inspired wreath. Feel free to customize the wreath with souvenirs from your vacation. Apply hot glue to attach them to the wreath. Add other pieces to show your personal touches.

Floppy Hat With Golden Touch

A floppy hat is not only for covering your head from sunshine. It can be used for decorating your empty wall. Furthermore, it has a summer feel that reminds us of the beach and tropical islands. So, adding golden details will improve its look.

Floral Sunglasses For Summer Feel

Talking about the beach will make us remember the beach. Then, sunglasses are what you need to care about your eyes at the beach. Having personal sunglasses will be nice. In this picture, floral sunglasses will give you a beachy feeling as well.

DIY Fringe Tie Dye Blanket

Protect your snacks and other beach tools with this eye-catching blanket. You will love the color and fringe that so interesting. The fringe is not hard to make. Even, you don’t need to use a sewing machine to get this amazing look.

DIY Sea Glass Window Art

Find the materials at a garage sale or search it on your warehouse. Create mosaic sea waves from glass pieces. Then, add a rectangular frame. Feel free to combine it with other home items like beach graphic art or others.

Super Easy Paper Craft

Ask your kid to make this craft with you. Prepare some papers with different colors to ease you decide the best color for your craft. Cut the paper to make the boat, seawater, and clouds. Arrange them to look like a beach view.

Round Towel With Outdoor Hammock Chair

See how wonderful your day will be with this cute space. The owner of the house makes a hammock hanging chair to enjoy the weather every day. Add a round towel to remind us about the beauty of the beach and everything in between.

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