Easter celebration will make it possible for you to have the cute decoration. That is why Easter could be really fun for your kids and you can make some crafts with your kids. Make them happy by making cute ones and give them the capability to really feel the spirit of Easter as they put their efforts to prepare for the celebration. Anyway, although Easter is common with the egg, you can have other ornaments. For example, you can have the carrot ornament, check, rabbit, and more. Look at the following references with detailed explanations to give you ease.

Paper Chicks

Paper is one of the easiest and inexpensive materials to obtain so you can use it to make cute Easter crafts with children. You can make chicks using only yellow paper and glue. First, you have to do is make the paper into a tube shape. Then stick to each other and also glue the Mouth, eyes, and wings of the paper so that they look perfect. Paper Chicks from Easypeasyandfun.

Paper Sheep Craft

DIY Sheep craft made of paper plates looks simple but still cute to complement Easter celebration decorations. You can use a paper plate to make the body of the sheep and black paper for the face. You can cut white paper into small and long pieces then stick it on the paper plate so it will look like sheep hair. Paper Sheep Craft from Diycraftsfood Trulyhandpicked.

Paper Carrot Craft

Carrot is one of the ornaments that can make your Easter decoration look festive. You can make it at home with the children using an easy to get material, namely colored paper. Try making carrots from orange and green paper into a few seeds then you can string them together using yarn and make a garland. Hanging it on the wall will be an interesting focal point in your Easter decor. Paper Carrot from Rd.

Yarn Wrapped Carrot Craft

Making carrot crafts is one interesting idea to complement Easter decorations in your home. The first thing you have to do is cut the cardboard into a carrot shape. After that, you can cover the entire surface of the paper using orange thread so that it will make your carrot craft look more perfect. Placing it on the table will have its own charm and can be inspiring. Yarn Wrapped Carrot from Cozylace.

Rabbit Catcher Paper Craft

Rabbit will be a decoration that looks adorable on your Easter table. You can even make it yourself at home with children using paper material. After all the ingredients are ready, first you have to do is bend the paper into a tube. Then glue them together and complete with ears and legs made of paper. Don’t forget to draw the face so that your bunny looks more perfect. Rabbit Catcher Paper from Easypeasyandfun.

Paper Easter Ring

DIY character rings will complement your appearance at the Easter party so it will look stunning. You can make it using paper so it will be easier but still looks good. First you have to draw the character you want on hard then color it and cut it out. After that you have to make a ring out of paper and stick the character paper on the ring so that it will make it look very cute. Paper Easter Ring from Easypeasyandfun.

Cotton Balls Sheep

Making sheep crafts using Catton balls is an interesting idea so that it will make it look like real fur. Using a paper plate will make it easier for you to assemble Catton balls to make the sheep’s body. Then you can use paper to make the face and legs so that it will be easier but still look amazing. Cotton Balls Sheep from Playideas.

Paper Egg Craft

Making paper egg crafts is the perfect idea because it is very easy to do and may be liked by your children. First prepare paper, scissors and dye then cut white paper with egg pattern. After that you can color it with colorful crayons so that it will look beautiful and you can use it to complement your Easter decor. Paper Egg Craft from Boardandbrush

Paper Easter Egg Basket

You can make egg baskets to complement your Easter decor to make it look better. Try making an egg basket using paper cut into pieces by weaving. You can place it on the table and use it to display egg ornaments and so on so it will look tidier. Paper Egg Basket from Bhg.

Ice Cream Stick Craft

Making crafts from ice cream sticks is a creative idea. You can make bunny out of ice cream sticks to complete your Easter decor. First you can paint the sticks pink and then glue the felt hands, feet and mouth part so that your bunny will look more real. Don’t forget to attach a small ornament that will work as an eye and make your bunny look perfect. Ice Cream Stick Bunny from Thebestideasforkids.

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