How to make boring and looking dresses cool with home laying stuff? One of the ways is that adding DIY projects to make elbow patches. Whether tops, jumpers, sweaters, or other clothes will look really unique and stylish. Furthermore, it is a simple and easy addition that anyone can do in minutes. The materials used are easy to find just like velvet, fabric scraps, leather, wool, or soon. Then, you can shape those materials into egg shapes, balloons, stars, or round circles. Let us check out our list below!

Skull Patch Chiffon For Sweater

Skull patch chiffon for sweater


In winter, you will wear sweaters more than in other seasons due to the cold weather. If your sweater looks so old and dull, you can upgrade it up. Add skull patch chiffon on each elbow to get the sweater more interesting. This project can be done without sewing.

Sequin Heart Elbow Patch

Improve your top design by adding sequin heart elbows. The hearts directly become the focal interest. Sequin works well for almost all fabrics. Furthermore, it makes your top look glamorous. Do this project on the weekend and you will finish it in less than an hour.

Triangle Elbow Patching

Do you love patchwork? This elbow patching style will upgrade your top look. No matter what fabric is used, patchwork will make it unique and stylish. Sew it by hand, or you can use a sewing machine to attach the triangles on each elbow. Cool huh?

Star Elbow Patch For Jumper

Grey star elbow is cool. Look at this jumper that looks more interesting with an additional patch. Furthermore, the stars look more alive because of the contrast color with the jumper. Adding stars are not hard at all. Just sew them by hand dan you will get a cool jumper soon.

DIY Balloon Elbow Patch

What do you think about this balloon elbow patch? It works well almost for all kinds of clothes. No matter jumper, T-shirt, or sweater. Just add the sequin balloon by hand sewing. You can wear these cloth for a birthday party or other small parties. So, will you add a patch on your elbow?

DIY Raccoon Elbow Patches

Raccoons are cute for your elbow. You can buy them at the store. Attaching the raccoon is not hard at all. It can be done by hand sewing. This patch also works well for kid’s tops. However, it needs at least basic sewing skills. So, you will not break the patch. Though it is a simple project, you should do it carefully.



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