We believe that a pair of earrings are the most powerful. They will make you look more beautiful. Wearing earrings that match your style is the key to appearing attractively. How many pairs of earrings do you have? It will be a nice thing to add more earring collections. We have collected DIY earrings that you can create soon. See them out further below and get inspired. Most of them are easy to recreate with your design.

DIY Heart Earrings

Diy heart earrings


Heart earrings are beautiful for Valentine’s Day style. You are free to wear them for everyday style. Get shrinky dinks. Once you buy the sheet, you can make as many pairs of earrings as you like. Customize the size and colors to have more and more heart earrings.

DIY Polymer Clay Terrazzo Jewelry

Get polymer clay from a thrift store. Then, shape it into a circular shape. Paint it with terrazzo colors like yellow, blue, orange, and green. Emphasize your bohemian look with a pair of polymer clay earrings on your ears. You will look amazing, we believe.

DIY Crystal Wire-Wrapped Earrings

You can go wrong with these earrings. The mismatched style will never be out of date. Wearing them for the next year will be okay. You will need crystals, wires, jump rings, and hooks. Then, check out how to make it fromĀ Etsy. What are you waiting for? Grab the materials soon and start crafting.

DIY Leather Dangle Earrings

DO you have leather stocks in your box? We are talking about DIY earrings, do we? So, it will be perfect to create a pair of earrings with leather. Draw the pattern on the leather. Then, cut it out. You can make a pair of leather leaf earrings. You are free to make other patterns like flowers, animals, or even moons.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings

Show your bohemian style through these earrings. A pair of macrame leaf earrings look beautiful. They are easy to recreate. A DIY newbie can finish this simple project in less than an hour. Furthermore, giving these earrings to your friend is a good idea.

DIY Resin Gift Wrap Jewelry

Create a pretty pair of earrings made of gift wrap. They will not get wet. They are more durable with resin. Well, using resin might be so tricky. Make sure you move quickly after applying it to the gift wrap. It sets much faster than you think.


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