There are many backpacks that can be bought from the store. All of them are made to help student carry their books and other things related to school. However, it will be awesome to have a bag that anyone can’t get it. The first way you buy expensive bags that others can’t or you make it by yourself by having the DIY bag project. How could? You need to have sewing and DIY skill. Let us check our DIY backpack lists below!

DIY Sewing Backpack

Diy sewing backpack


Well, it isn’t just a backpack but a carry bag. See the size that looks so big to bring anything you need in the study process. Even, you can carry toys as well. Customize the size, pattern, and any accent for this amazing backpack.

DIY Plaid Backpack

What do you want more? This plaid backpack gives you an amazing solution. It is not only how to repurpose your plaid shirt but changes it into a new version. If you want to look stylish, make this low-cost project as soon as possible.

Cute Floral Backpack

If you want to make a backpack that will never out of date, copy this idea. Floral patterns are timeless and work better for any season. From kid to adult will love to wear this backpack for going out somewhere. Sure, it works for any outfit as well.

DIY Beautiful Basket Backpack

How a basket can be as beautiful as this? We can do this project actually. Buy the leather on the store so that the basket will be stronger and durable. Add a straw tote and or other accessories to spruce it up.

Cute Drawstring Backpack

Even a DIY newbie can make this. Of course, there should be a sewing machine as well. Choose the best fabric to attain a great look and strong backpack. The drawstring pack makes it more adorable. So cool, isn’t it?

OMG Crochet Backpack

Make OMG letters from crochet and assemble them to your backpack. These details are simple but so eye-catching and show your personal touches. Add other accessories to make it more interesting. You will need less than an hour to finish this project.

Simple Honeycomb Backpack

See this tasteful pattern that will change your backpack look instantly. However, this hexagon embroidery pattern is not easy to make. You should do it one by one carefully and need more time to finish. If you have more free time, make it soon!

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