If you want to create an amazing bathroom look, you do not need to buy everything, because you can create it by yourself at home. All ideas you can try are collected in Exhilarating DIY Ideas To Create Amazing Look For Bathroom.

Bathroom With DIY Mirror

Bathroom with diy mirror Exhilarating DIY Ideas To Create Amazing Look For Bathroom


This idea has a touch of nautical-inspired rustic. You can create this mirror by making holes in a mirror so after that you can hang it above the sink.

Kids Bathroom With DIY Comic Art

Kids bathroom with diy comic art Exhilarating DIY Ideas To Create Amazing Look For Bathroom


Look at the bubbles on the wall continue onto the side of the tub and the white wall, it creates beautiful bright color pop where your kids will love. Do not be worry, if you have no painting talent, you can use wall decals for a similar effect.

Bathroom With DIY Mason Jar Sconces

Have you ever think that a mason jar can be used for gorgeous light sconces like in the picture.  This bathroom features two bright blue-shaded light sconces. Thus, the result adds a perfect amount of whimsy to the bathroom space.

Bathroom With Wood Stump Vanity Space

Look at the design, it is stunning in covering the pipes run through the faucet and under the sink. Besides, the simple minimalism is heightened with an engraved mirror and a pretty natural stone sink.

Minimal Bathroom With DIY Light Fixture

The light fixtures here are made out of a large piece of wood with several branching directions. Here, a lightbulb was added at each end. Meanwhile, the wiring is laid out inside the hollowed-out wood. Besides, the rope shower door handle creates natural rusticity of the wood light fixture.

Pallet Makeup Organizer

This make-up organizer is made out of pallet wood that was refinished, painted over, and put together to make a small decorative cabinet. Besides the mason jars, there are held up by magnets glued to their back so it will not easy to fall. Thus, this project makes your make-up tools reachable.

DIY Industrial Sink Vanity

Diy industrial sink vanity Exhilarating DIY Ideas To Create Amazing Look For Bathroom


Get your couple of lengths of copper tubing, next spray paints it whichever color you like, such as gold, then install it safely as legs for your sink. This idea gives you the best solution if you prefer the open industrial-style sink space while you do not need much money. It looks harmonious by the blending of white background and gold-colored hardware.


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