When talking about the gardens, it won’t only be about the garden pots but also the other aspects. Related to that, are you looking for a way to get rich soil for your garden while sustainably getting rid of food waste, you can consider a DIY compost bin. Thus, check all the ideas in DIY Compost Bin Plans You Can Do For Your Garden.

Trash Can Compost Bin

Trash can compost bin DIY Compost Bin Plans You Can Do For Your Garden


It is a quick and low-budget idea to have a compost bin from a trash can. The whole project will take you less than an hour where you will also need a plastic trash can with a lid and a few other materials to build it.

Wooden Compost Bin

Wooden compost bin DIY Compost Bin Plans You Can Do For Your Garden


Are you serious about the world of composting? Here is the idea to build something that will last, yes, it is wooden DIY composting. There is a hinged lid that makes it easy to add items to compost. Then, it is sturdy enough to keep out any animals. Moreover, added features include hardware clothe to provide air circulation and hinged access to the bottom of the bin is a good idea to get out the finished compost.

Wire Fence Compost Bin

Do you have an area outside where you like to start a compost pile? Look at this plan which shows you how to make it secure in gardening. Take your inexpensive chicken wire surrounds the compost pile. Then, you can easily change the size of this compost bin depends on the area you have in the garden.

DIY Compost Screen

DIY compost screen is easy and inexpensive to make. Here you can simply make a four-sided frame out of lumber. After that, staple hardware cloth to all the sides. Last, hold the screen over a bucket or wheelbarrow and sift the compost through it before you use it.

Bokashi Bucket

It is mentioned as Bokashi composting that quickly turns organic materials into compost using microorganisms. Here you can purchase bokashi kits while it’s easy to make the composter yourself at home. The materials you need are two 5-gallon buckets, a drill, and one well-fitting lid. Then, you can drill holes into the bottom of one bucket and set it inside the other. Thus, you are ready to add your composting materials to your garden.

Straw Bale Compost Bin

It is another way to make an inexpensive, simple, and custom compost pile is by surrounding it with straw bales. This idea lets you decide the size of the pile where you can easily adjust as needed. Besides, it also provides insulation to make the composting process quicker. Moreover, as the straw breaks down, it can be incorporated into the compost pile.

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