Succulent wine glasses are beautiful to entertain your mind. Besides, they also bring fresh to your room. Therefore, check all the ideas on DIY Tabletop Centerpiece Of Succulent In Wine Glasses.

Succulents In Margarita Glasses

Succulents in margarita glasses DIY Tabletop Centerpiece Of Succulent In Wine Glasses


These succulent margarita glasses make great wedding favors or wedding centerpieces for a southwestern theme, or even a regular party. The supplies you need are Cactus Mix, Perlite, Margarita glasses, assorted mini-succulents and/or cacti, a mixing bowl, small rocks. If you are working on the larger glass, you may decide if your arrangement will be seen from only one side or from all angles. If in one side, then you start by adding the larger plants in the back and work your way forward. If in all angles, plant the large plants in the center and the smaller ones all around.

Coconut Shell Terrarium

Coconut shell terrarium DIY Tabletop Centerpiece Of Succulent In Wine Glasses


To create this coconut terrarium, you will need some broken wine glasses. Next, you can attach the half coconut shells using glue on glass stems and plant the succulents. They look so stunning as a rustic centerpiece and can be made in a few hours, depending on the glue you use. So, mix up some strong all-purpose glue and attach the wine stem to the coconut half. Then, to hide the glue add some of the coconut hair around the stem. Last, once the glue dries you can start filling the planters.

Hanging Burro’s Tail in a Wine Glass

Try searching for glass with an unusual shape, pattern, or even saying. This makes your succulent one-of-a-kind and adds some personality. Once again, thrift stores are wonderful for unique finds, but not your only option. Since you are looking to purchase only one glass, the cost is typically quite reasonable in most retail stores.  It can easily hold larger succulents and the design is fitting for multiple rooms in my home.

Miniature Beach Using Stemless Wine-Glass

If you are crazy about creating a miniature beach centerpiece, then employ a stemless wine glass of large base to establish a mini beach filled with dwarf succulents. You can add an easy-care air plant and a few fun beachy accessories to make the cutest little terrarium! It is so clean, clear, and fresh, right?

Vibrant Succulent Centerpiece

Look at these vibrant and cute wine glasses that will attract many gazes. You can just pack the smaller glasses with succulents and soil. After that, transfer them into bigger glass containers. Once done, you may decorate with layers of colorful sand. It is ready to beautify your room presentation.

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