Did you know that if you don’t get enough exercise and mental stimulation for your cat, they can get bored and it will affect their usual habits? Carole Wilbourn said, “They can become destructive and aggressive because they have all of this bottled-up energy.” So, you need to give your beloved cat enough activity. While it sounds easy, it actually can be quite difficult and hard to choose because some are expansive, while others are less attractive to your cats.

But, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, today I’m going to teach you about making your own cat toy that you can create using things in your own house. This means it will super cheap and obviously, it will look super cute and adorable. If these days you only common with the DIY decoration, then you can surely make the cat toys by doing the DIY project too.

Well, let’s take a look at 4 Super Cute and Lovely DIY Cat Toys That You Can Make On Your Own.

1. Fish Catnip

Get a fish template, use the template to draw a clear line on the fabrics. Cut the fabric, fill the catnip and sew the fabrics. For the pole, take a dowel and connect both ends of a dowel and fish mouth.

2. Heart Catnip

4 Super Cute and Lovely DIY Cat Toys That You Can Make On Your Own


Show your love to your cat by creating this lovely Heart Catnip. There are two ways in creating this, first, you can use wool and start to knitted the heart and put the catnip inside, or you can use a heart template and create the shape with the fabric.

3. Doorknob Ball

Don’t throw away your old clothes, you can upcycle them and create an absolutely adorable and easy Doorknob Ball. Make a ball from old and unused clothing, then dangle the ball on your doorknob.

4. Cat Scratcher

You can turn your old magazine rack into a rat scratcher and help your cat to stretch their paws. All you need is a Magazine rack and wrap half of it with Yarn and Wool, and your Cat Scratcher is ready.


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