Do your kids love outdoor activities? In summer, it will be fun to camp in a forest and take a location near a little river. However, you should make sure that the place is safe enough for kids. Then, prepare anything needed for a camping activity. Rather than buying the adventure gear, why don’t you make them with your kids? In these lists, we show inspiring ideas of camping gear projects that are doable. Check these out!

Princess Crown

Princess crown


Yes, your little girl is the princess. Make this princess crown by your hand will be so special. There are many natural materials that can be used for making this crown. In this picture, the creator uses branches and flowers, but you are free to add leaves and roots.

Glittery Acorn Necklace

It is such a great time to get closer to your little girl. Make this glittery acorn necklace and see how cute your girl with it. This accessory is affordable to make. Applying glitters on the stone is not hard. You only have to attach the glitters by using glue.

DIY Walking Sticks

There are many places that looked amazing in the forest to visit. Make sure that your kids bring their own walking stick. Sometimes, they will find a step that is not easy to pass. So, they need a walking stick to help them.

Homemade Lantern

One of the most important pieces of camping gear is a lantern. You don’t want to trap in the dark all night long, do you? Create your own lantern will be so much fun. Further, it will be finished as cool as you want with your own design.

DIY Fabric Bag

Sure, you will need a bag to carry anything. Crafting a fabric bag for your kids will make them adore you. However, you need to have at least basic sewing skills. Then, make sure that the bag is strong enough to carry your kids’ treasure.

Amazing Natural Weaving

What do you and your kids do in the camping area? You will not just sit and see the forest or sleep in all day long. Ask your kids to make this amazing natural weaving. This craft will fill their afternoon time with creativity. Bring it back home to remember your camp time.

Natural Tic-Tac-Toe

Well, camping is a fun activity for anyone who loves nature. Craft this tic-tac-toe will be so much fun. Play this with your kids and see how happy they are. Paint the stones with your favorite colors.


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