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50 DIY Bookshelf Ideas to Arrange Your Books

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Do you have a large collection of books and you don’t know where to put them? In this situation, you need a bookshelf to arrange your books. No need to worry if you don’t have some budget to buy a new one. You can make it yourself. Several DIY bookshelf ideas are widely available. All you need is creativity. Using different shapes and materials can make your books look more interesting and unique.

There are many ideas of DIY bookshelf to choose from. You can make the bookshelf from woods. You can build a bookshelf out of metal pipes by first constructing the shelves out of wood. If you want to use recycled items, you can use some crates. Just stack vertically the crates and you can display your books there. Furthermore, you can repurpose your old ladder as a bookshelf. Then, if you are crafty person, you can design your bookshelf in various forms, such as hexagon, circular, spriral, and more. These are some ideas for you.

DIY Circular Bookshelf from diycraftsy 

Wall Mounted Bookshelves  from diycraftsy DIY Mounted Book Shelving  from diycraftsy  Tree Bookshelf  from diycraftsy DIY Ombre Book Shelf Pegboard from diycraftsy Superhero Logos Shaped Bookshelf  from diycraftsy
Teacups Bookshelf  from diycraftsy DIY Bookcase with Angled Shelves  from diycraftsy  Hexagon Bookshelf from diycraftsy  Captain America Bookshelf from diycraftsy  Crates and Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf  from diycraftsy  Floating Bookshelf  from diycraftsy  Spiral Bookshelf from diycraftsy  DIY Corner Bookshelf  from diycraftsy  DIY Tree Bookshelf  from diycraftsy 

Batman Bookshelf from diycraftsy

DIY White Bookshelf from homesthetics  DIY Contemporary Bookcase  from homesthetics  Cube Bookshelf from homesthetics Coloful Crate Bookshelf from homesthetics Round Coffee Table Bookshelf from homesthetics  Dresser Bookshelf from homesthetics  Reclaimed Dresser Bookshelf from homesthetics  Coastal Open Shelf from homesthetics Open Bookshelf from homesthetics  DIY Bookshelf Kitchen Island from homesthetics  Walnut Bookcase from homesthetics  Bookshelf Bench from homesthetics  Hanging Bookshelf  from homesthetics  Recycled Leather and Wood Shelf from homesthetics  Skateboard Bookshelf from homesthetics  Book Shelf Chair from homesthetics  Nautilus Bookshelf  from homesthetics  White Tree Bookshelf from homesthetics  Rope Bridge Bookshelf from homesthetics Flower Bookshelf from homesthetics

DIY Ladder Shelves  from architectureartdesigns  DIY Spine Bookshelf  from architectureartdesigns  Metal Basket Shelf from architectureartdesigns  Industrial Piping Shelves from architectureartdesigns  Industrial Rustic Bookshelf from architectureartdesigns 

DIY Office Bookshelf from architectureartdesigns

Wooden Dark Shelf from architectureartdesigns

Wallpapered Bookshelves  from buzzfeed Hollowed-Out TV Bookcase  from buzzfeed Ladder Bookshelf  from buzzfeed Wooden Pallet Bookshelves from buzzfeed Industrial Pipe Bookshelf from buzzfeedWire Chicken Bookshelf and Bench  from buzzfeed

Bench Bookshelf from buzzfeed

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