Do you want to make something for teachers? Parents give gifts to show their thanks. Those gifts should relate to school themes such as classroom supplies, teacher-themed items, or teacher desk supplies. We believe you can buy a gift at a store. But, it will be more heart-warming to make it by hand. So, it will show your personal touches. Let us tell you DIY gifts for teachers that are easy and affordable. Check them out further below and get inspired!

DIY Magnetic Hedgehog

Diy magnetic hedgehog


Your teacher will love this DIY magnetic hedgehog. Create the egg first. Add a magnet to the inside of the egg. Then, pain the egg with any color you like. This egg will keep more pins. So, your teacher will easily find them whenever.

DIY Mason Jar Pencil Holder

Mason jars are versatile. People use them to create various DIY things. Do you want to make a pencil holder from a mason jar? First, you paint the mason jar yellow or any color you want. Second, let it dry. Third, decorate it with accessories like pearls, stars, or others. Show it to the teacher and say thank you.

Adorable DIY Paperweight

A teacher might work with paper every day. Some of them sometimes browsed by the wind. A paperweight will help those papers stay on the table. Customize the design you like. Making paperweight needs a mod podge, flower paper or flower fabric, and glass.

DIY Teacher Pencil Sign

What do you think of this pencil sign? Your teacher will love it. You will need a wood plank, paint, and paintbrush. Start by cutting the wood plank into a giant pencil shape. Then, paint it. Write down the name. Fill free to add more accessories like flowers, leaves, or more. Give it to the teacher at the end of the school day.

DIY Painted Vase

It isn’t just a gift for the teacher but a class supply. Buy a vase and paint it. Customize the design you love. This vase will make the class more beautiful. Furthermore, it will remind the teacher about you and all your classmate.

DIY Horizontal Clay Covered Pens

Marble designs are fabulous. Creating clay-covered pens is not hard. You can ask your kids to help you. They will love this project. You only need to wait for the clay dry. Then, give those pens to the teacher.



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