The photo editing market will grow by a staggering $542.87 million from 2021 to 2026. Moreover, North America would account for 37% of that growth.

All those stats indicate how people now find it crucial to alter their photographs. According to one study, many folks do this to look better and feel happier. In other cases, edits allow for more visually-stunning images.

So, if you also want to make your pictures look more incredible, you need to know how to edit them. Don’t worry; we’ll share some of the best photo editing tips below, so keep reading.

1. Abide by the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds involves dividing an image into three primary sections. You then place the subject in one of the outer (i.e., left or right) thirds.

While this guideline uses the term “thirds,” the actual division is nine equal parts. In short, you splice up a photo using two each of equally-spaced horizontal and vertical lines.

The goal is to position the subject as close as possible to the left or right of the crosshairs. You then keep the remaining sections clean and clear of elements. That can give the image an overall sense of balance and cleanliness.

The rule of thirds is one of the best photo editing techniques since it improves composition. However, applying it from the get-go is best, meaning you should use it every time you take pictures. That helps preserve as much of the original image even if you have to crop some of it.

2. Keep Elements Aligned

When editing photos, pay attention to their backgrounds’ alignment, particularly of the horizon. Crooked horizontal lines in the backdrop can distract from the subject.

Fortunately, all photo editing tools, including the free ones, have alignment tools. Use these to ensure your subjects and backgrounds are as straight as possible.

3. Crop Out Flaws

Use the crop feature of your photo editing app to remove distracting flaws from the edges of images. You can also use this with an alignment tool to reposition your subject lightly. Be careful not to crop too much, though, and keep the rule of thirds in mind at all times.

4. Master the Basics of Photo Clean-up

Most photo imaging apps have several flaw-removing tools, such as clone-stamping and spot-healing.

With clone-stamping, you can mimic a small area of an image and then apply it to another section. It’s useful when you must copy specific details and colors exactly as they are onto another part of a photo. By contrast, spot-healing instantly removes minor elements from an image (i.e., a pimple mark).

Another beginner photo editing tip for cleaning up images is background alteration. For example, blurring removes distracting backdrop elements while enhancing focus on the subject. You can also use image editors to remove background from an image and replace it with ones you prefer.

Follow These Photo Editing Tips Today

And there you have it, the top photo editing tips every beginner should know. So, why not start using them as early as today? The sooner you master them, the sooner you can create stunning images.

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