Come to the beach is a must when summer comes. Enjoying the sunlight and the fresh air is such a heaven on earth. The sounds of the beach wave are also a harmony that will be able to give you comfort. From all of those fun facts about the beach during summer, you should prepare some stuff to facilitate yourself so that you can really enjoy your summertime. In this case, the stuff will be related to something that you wear like glasses, a bag, a hat, and even footwear. Besides, you can also beautify yourself with some accessories like a hairpin, headband, ring, necklace, etc.

Want to look fashionable and feel comfortable but don’t have too much budget? Well, make your own summer stuff with DIY projects. Here, you can make brand new things or you can redecorate the things that you already had. For example, you can redecorate your glasses so that it has the summer touches. Add your glasses with some summer ornaments by sticking it to the glasses. There are still so many ideas that you can make. Check out on down below.


Floral Sunglasses from Diyprojectsforteens

Fruit Sunglasses from Diyprojectsforteens

Beaded Sunglasses from Wonderfuldiy

Donut Sunglasses from Wonderfuldiy

Fake Flowered Sunglasses from Wonderfuldiy

Faux Roses Sunglasses from Diys

Seashell Hair Clip from Homesthetics

DIY Seashell Headband from Mykidcraft

Floral Floppy Hat from Sweetyhigh

Seashell Bobby Pins from Sweetyhigh

Starfish Hair Clip from Sweetyhigh

Strawberry Headband from Diys

Blue Necklace from Fashionsy

Shell Earring from Fashionsy

Pink Shell Necklace from Fashionsy

Silver Bracelet from Fashionsy

Shell Ring from Fashionsy

DIY White Bracelet from Fashionsy

DIY Fruit Face Mask from Thecraftpatchblog

DIY Watermelon Sneakers from Diyprojectsforteens

Watermelon Embroidered Clutch from Diyprojectsforteens

Watermelon Summer Hat from Diyprojectsforteens

Tote Bag from Diyprojectsforteens

Flower Shell Necklace from Guidepatterns

Pink Shell Necklace from Guidepatterns

Vintage Shell Necklace from Guidepatterns

Gold Necklace from Guidepatterns

Dangling Seashell Earrings from Diys

Purple Sun Hat from Diys

DIY Stitched Hat from Diys

Ombre Sun Hat from Diys

Fedora Hat from Diys

Sassy Saucer Hat from Diys

Polka dot Sun Hat from Diys

Blue and White Sun Hat from Diys

Watermelon Earring from Redtedart

Colorful Button Flip Flop from Wonderfuldiy

Pearl Sunglasses from Sweetyhigh

Watermelon Sunglasses from Sweetyhigh

Fabric Flower Flip Flop from Wonderfuldiy

Colorful Button Headband from Deavita

Strawberry Purse from Polkadotchair

Watermelon Purse from Polkadotchair

Rainbow Bag from Thecottagemarket

Lemon Purse from Polkadotchair

Pom Pom Sun Hat from Hative

Wicker Sun Hat from Diynetwork

Heart Sun Hat from Diynetwork

DIY Rainbow Hat from Hellowonderful

DIY Embroidered Hat from Allforfashiondesign

DIY Painted Sun Hat from Allforfashiondesign

Donut Hat from Allforfashiondesign

White Flip Flop from Bystephanielynn

Shell Earring from Honestlywtf

Seashell Headband from Howdidyoumakethis

DIY Shell Earring from Stylemotivation

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