When it comes to home presentation, many ideas might come to your mind. But if there’s one thing that would genuinely help make this process a success, it would be the use of fantastic resin artwork. Generally, resin refers to a chemical that’s converted from liquid to a more durable solid when boiled down. Due to its lightweight characteristics and resiliency when transformed, artwork made from resin has become popular in the public eye.  

Moreover, aside from its aesthetic appearance and functionality, resin art can be appealing to many people because it doesn’t require drawing or painting abilities. With the help of materials like silicone molds, you can create different art objects from resin. For instance, if you’re searching for a time-consuming pastime or hobby, creating resin art using molds can be worth your while. If you have no ready-made molds at home, there’s nothing to worry about. By familiarizing yourself with some silicone mold making steps and tips, you can make your mold without any hassle. Once you have a hand-made silicone mold, you can start creating attractive and unique resin artwork pieces that can help present your home in the best way possible.

With all the things being said, the resin art project is undoubtedly one of the ways for you to add the level of your home presentation. Thus, here we present you Unbelievably Incredible Resin Art To Create Stunning Home Presentation.

Napkin Rings

Presenting resin art at home by dressing up plain napkin rings with resin embellishments. You can use a mold designed for the fondant to make these stylish flowers. Then, stir acrylic crafts to paint into a mixture of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener, then pour the resin into the rubber mold. Last, let it dry for 24 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to curve the resin around the napkin ring, you can remove the decoration from the mold before it hardens completely

Cubist Design

Cubist design Unbelievably Incredible Resin Art To Create Stunning Home Presentation


You can have these dried and artificial foliage that never fades when encased in resin art. The supplies you need are artificial plants and flowers, mold, a heat gun, and a pointed stick

Waves Wall Decorative Item From Resin

Waves wall decorative item from resin Unbelievably Incredible Resin Art To Create Stunning Home Presentation


By this craft, you can almost hear the wave crashing at home. It is a clean artist canvas and resin mix with a few craft paints that features so stunning result. You will need a separate plastic cup for each color, combine resin with a few drops of paint in the following colors. It has deep blue, light blue, teal, and white that reserving clear resin.

Rocky Coast

This coaster made on a silicone mat, pipe the outline of a rock shape using a glue gun and glue sticks. Then, you can apply several more layers to build up the edge, adding the rocks and glitter if you want. Last, finish with the white paint, swirling with a stir stick to create the look of movement, then apply a heat gun to blend the colors and remove air bubbles.

Resin Wall Art

This is a combination of art paper, a canvas, and resin for easy art as you see the supersize succulent featured in your wall gallery. You can cover the paper with more decoupage medium, smoothing out the bubbles and let it dry. After that, pour the clear resin in the center of the art and let it run down the sides. Next, smooth the edges with your finger. Last, let the art dry for 24 hours. To prevent dust, you are suggested to use a large box or plastic tub upside-down.


Indeed, resin art has always been one of the best ways to create a stunning home presentation. Aside from being aesthetically appealing, it doesn’t cost much money as you can make your artwork with resin. Whether it’s a candlestick, coaster, or other accent pieces, resin art can beautifully stand out in your living space.

So if you want to make your home presentation more successful with resin, keep the information mentioned above in mind to obtain incredible resin art ideas to try.

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