Do you have many T-shirts in your wardrobe? It is summer. And, it is time to wear them for going outside. Whether you want to have fun with your friends or going to study, upgrading your old T-shirt might become a pretty idea. Cut out T-shirt back will be easy and it becomes the most interesting DIY T-shirt makeover ever. Check out our list below on how to style your old T-shirt by cut the back of your shirt out.

DIY Cutout Tree Silhouette

Diy cutout tree silhouette


To get a tree silhouette means that you should trace it first. Use a dish to draw the circle. Then, draw the tree branches. Don’ be too thin because it will be break when worn. Draw the thicker one. Cut the blank, not the tree branch.

DIY Geometric Cut-out Shirt

This DIY T-shirt will look adorable for a night out. The way to create the geometric cut-out is easy. Just prepare a basic tee. Draw the line on paper with a marker or pencil. Then, cut the pattern you have drawn and trace it to the T-shirt. Easy, huh?

DIY Line Of Bows Along The Back

This way will not make you upset. Don’t like flower pattern fabric? It’s okay. You can apply other patterns that you wish. Cut the back part along. Then, attach the bow by using a sewing machine or you can sew by hand. The result will be so awesome.

DIY Skull Cutout

What about this? DIY skull cutout need not sewing skills at all. You just have to cut the blank of the skull shape that you have traced before. Then, it can be done in less than an hour. Feel free to choose any T-shirt color that you want. This project is an easy peasy project that is also affordable.

Cut Out Most Of The Back

Cut most of the back of your T-shirt will improve its style. Look at the picture that shows a black tee with some thin strips that have been cut out before. The creator ties a group of the strips carefully. And, it makes this T-shirt look so sexy and cool.

Add A Cute Ribbon

This is a simple but attractive T-shirt makeover. The creator cut the back in a curve shape. And, it was replaced by the cute ribbon. Well, it looks easier than what you see. Feel free to choose other ribbon patterns that will match your T-shirt color. Combine this T-shirt with jeans will be nice too.



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