Do you know vegetable oil is not only useful in a brownie-related emergency? But there are plenty of other ways you can put your vegetable oil to good use in the meantime! It could be a hack idea for your living needs where hack won’t only be about home hack improvement. All ideas are collected in Surprisingly Practical Ways You Can Do With Vegetable Oil.

Soften Dry Skin

Soften dry skin Surprisingly Practical Ways You Can Do With Vegetable Oil


Vegetable oil exactly can do the job of softening your dry skin. For example, moisturize and soften your dry feet overnight by rubbing on some vegetable oil. Then, you can pull on a pair of clean socks before bed. Next, while you sleep, the oil will moisturize and soften the dry skin. After that, you will see great improvement in the morning.

Care For Cast Iron

Care for cast iron Surprisingly Practical Ways You Can Do With Vegetable Oil


Do you know that oiling your cast iron pans regularly will help you maintain a “seasoned” layer that prevents your food from sticking to it? So, it will help you with affordable even free cost to maintain your cast iron.

Prevent Stuck Lids

Here is a simple trick you can use to prevent jar lids from getting stuck in the first place! The next time you have a jar open, just take a moment to apply a bit of vegetable oil around the outside rim. You can see the layer of oil will prevent any sticky stuff from “sealing” the lid to the jar, making it much easier to open in the future! A good idea, isn’t it?

Remove Paint From Hands

There is no painting project without getting paint on your hands. But do not be worry because vegetable oil creates easy to remove paint without scouring or scrubbing your hands to death! You can pour a bit of vegetable oil into your hands, rub it in, and let it soak in for about 10 minutes. After that, wash your hands as usual, and the paint will slide right off! As extra-bonus, your hands will feel softer and smoother too.

Protect Wicker Furniture

Do you have wicker furniture at home? You will need a different way to maintain the wicker furniture compare to wood furniture.  Although both materials are subject to drying out and cracking if they aren’t kept moisturized, there is an easy way to hydrate and protect your wicker furniture by using a little vegetable oil. Here, you can just pour a small amount of oil onto a clean cloth, then rub it over the furniture and allow it to soak in for several hours. Last, buff the furniture with another clean cloth before using it.

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