Having a plenty tools is good for household. But you need a way to organize it to make it easy to take and out it back when you need it. All you need is a clever tool storage ideas to free you from clutter. Organizing and storing the tools properly is something most of us strive for. We present you some cool storing solution that will inspire some of you below.

Suspended Jar Organizers


This project is a great way to keep your screws and nails. All you need is jars or CD/DVD tubs and screwed it into a board rack or under the cabinet.

Plastic Jug Organizers


Having an organizer with the same size and shape is great for your storage efficiency. You can use a plastic milk jugs, containers, or other plastic product containers. You can also label them, so it is easier for you to find the tool that you need.

Toilet Tube Cable Organizers

Do not throw away your toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Be creative by making them as your cable organizer. It is also save your space and no more tangle cables.

PVC Rake Rack

Cut PVC into a short pieces and fastened it into two boards to create a rack for your long-handled tools; rakes, shovels, and others.

PVC Drill Holders

Another clever way with PVC is by cut a big PVC , screw it under the shelves and your PVC project is ready to store your drill.

Make a Tool-Zine

Having a small space can be a big problem to organize your tools. But this project proofs you that you still can maximize your small space with this idea. Consider to make a pegboard tool.

Overhead Tubular Storage


Create an overhead bins to store your light wood, piping and other long stock with this sonotube project above.

Overhead Ceiling Bins

This clever project is only use common materials; 2x4s and plywood, and I-beam rails for overhead plastic storage bins.

Magnetic Tool Hangers

Create a simple mounts to hang your tools underneath cabinets with magnet.

Oak Boot Rack

This simple rack is a good option to store your boots.

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