Birdcage is not only used for bird but also plant. You are pleased to plant various flowers or succulents inside birdcage. This is a good outdoor planter for beautiful summer. But, you have to maintenance it well. Let it grows beautifully and stands out.

A Planter that Truly Stands Out

planter that truly stands out

A lovely planter will be fresh your mind this summer. Anybody will be surprised by the planters that truly stand out. Enjoy the season while having fresh air by a beautiful birdcage planters like this.

Low-key Birdcage Planter Design

Low-key birdcage planter design


This is succulents terrarium placed in a birdcage. It doesn’t need more time to make this kind of birdcage planters. Then, the result will make you satisfied, beautiful and charming.

A Pop of Colour

A pop of colour

A pop of color birdcage planter will be a nice gift for your family and friend. You only need to prepare a small bird cage, coconut liner, plants, and potting soil. It is only about 15 minutes to make this birdcage planter.

Mini-Garden within a Birdcage Planter

Mini-garden within a birdcage planter


This beautiful birdcage planter will be your favorite. Hang this mini garden out door or you can place it at your terrace. Imagine that it is a garden is a fairy tale when some fairies play and do their activities.

A Touch of Spring

A touch of spring


Enjoy your spring by making this birdcage planter at your home. Just make it with your children, let they see how you make it. It will trigger their creativity along they work with you.

Simple Birdcage Planter

Simple birdcage planter


A simple birdcage planter is made for you who love simplicity. It is only provide one kind of planter with one color. But, you will see this planter is also charming to be placed at your house.

Simple White Birdcage

Simple white birdcage


Here is another simple birdcage planter for you. You are pleased to plant any planters you like. But, don’t forget to maintenance it every day.

Cute Vintage Planter

Cute vintage planter


If you want to make beautiful birdcage planter, you need to have at least three different types of planters. The combination of those three planters will create amazing birdcage planter with beautiful color variation.

Classic Birdcage Design that are Perfect for Every Garden

Classic birdcage design that are perfect for every garden


If you like to have another birdcage design, this classic birdcage planter will be cool idea. The one who like natural look will love this design. It’s good to be put in any garden you like.

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