If there’s one fast-growing trend in plant arrangements, it’s the world of succulent gardens. Why their rise in popularity? Well, for one thing, they’re immensely easy to grow and maintain. Being tolerant of low water levels, they can thrive in dry environments, and they don’t require hardly any water at all. In addition, they are simply beautiful and lend themselves to whatever shape, style or arrangement you may have in mind. If you’ve been searching for the perfect garden idea, this is it. Let’s take a look at some wonderful succulent gardens that you can easily DIY this spring.

Tree Stump

Whether you’re looking to create a mini fairy garden or you just want to showcase your succulents, an old tree trunk is perfect. This is a great way to avoid having to remove that trunk and leave a huge hole in your yard, and it gives you a beautiful display for those succulents.

Bird Cage

Source : Craftberry Bush

this eye catching display catches one’s imagination in an charming manner. The cage lends itself to being painted in white or rustic colors or just left as is to get the vintage shabby chic looks. You can put it in a unused chair or leave it hanging.


Frames are a great way to get your plants off the ground and grow them vertically. They let you highlight your plants as an ever-changing work of art in the same way that you would display a picture framed inside your house. You can choose the size and the shape of the frames and color it as you like.

Succulents Wreath

The door wreath is an amazing succulent planting idea. You can easily incorporate it into your home space. It’s a wonderful thing to have in your home to welcome your guests.

Desert Spheres

Your garden will look beautiful with these succulent balls hanging all around. You can literally hang them anywhere and you can stuff so many succulents into one sphere. Plant different colors succulents throughout to give it a great rainbow effect.

Slow But Sure

Using wire hanging basket with coco liner, Sphagnum moss and small roll of chicken wire, you can create a delightful succulents display in your garden. Just be sure to leave its head and legs uncovered from succulents so to create the contrasting features of your garden pet turtle.

Vintage Book

Source : HGTV

Turn old books into one-of-a-kind growers with this easy-to-go instructions. This grower is perfect decoration on your work desk or even in your personal library.

Driftwood Planter

Source : Hunker

A driftwood succulent planter brings rustic elegance to your table decor, and it’s versatile enough that you can use it in a casual beach setting or a formal setting. Not only limited to driftwood, you can also utilize an old branch or piece of weathered wood to achieve a similar look.

Victorian Chair

Just because you have old furniture in your backyard does not mean you can not still use it as a delightful focal point in your garden. You can even opt to paint the chair before you start to build your garden chair, or you may decide to leave it natural.

Fountain Succulents

Just like a worn out chair, even a well-worn water fountain can be an attractive planter for succulents. Follow the easy instructions and you are happy with the results.

Succulents O’ Lantern

Bored with lantern pumpkin lantern on halloween? Then this is the right idea to turn your pumpkin lantern into a succulent planter. This will be the right decoration next fall.

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