How many corners on your house? It will be nice to use them as additional storage spaces, then. You can build DIY shelves with a basic plain board arranged in a vertical way. The boards are easy to find and affordable. Or, you can find them at a garage sale. In this article, we are going to give you our lists of DI corner shelves. Whether you want to make decorative shelves or more practical ones, you can cake our ideas further below!

Custom Corner Shelves DIY

Custom corner shelves diy


It is a nice and functional sorner shelf that anyone will love. You need to use your basic woodworking skills to make this decorative corner storage. Arrange your books or display your project or even photograph here. This simple project will give a big impact on your decor.

Rounded Corner Shelves DIY


No need for professional skills to make these rounded corner shelves. Display your favorite ornaments here will be a great idea. Put these shelves in your kitchen or dining room will improve the decoration. Feel free to paint the shelves with any color you love.

DIY Corner Shelf for Nursery Room

What do you want to do this weekend? What about making furniture that will ease your life. This DIY corner shelf is made for your nursery room. The colors are pretty with a glass door that looks interesting in the corner. Display your kids’ books there!

DIY Bathroom Corner Shelves

Whitewashed bathroom corner shelves add a rustic feeling to this room decor. The shelves with an old door basic look so eye-catching. Hang your towel, put some essentials, or add baskets to the shelves will only decorative but also functional.

DIY Corner Rope Shelves

When there is no space to save the kids’ toys, you can make DIY rope shelves like this picture. You need to make holes, then tie the rope in each shelve, and attach the rope to the ceiling. You will need more nails, a hammer, and a screwdriver.

Planter Stand for the Corner

Look at the shelves in this picture that looks so fresh with plants. The creator makes this from old doors, triangle woods, and hardware. We love the paint combination of green and blue that unexpected but interesting. Seeing this on the porch will make the outdoor of the house looked fresh and nice.

DIY Kitchen Corner Shelving Unit

Your kitchen might one of the messiest rooms. It will better for you to make corner shelves to display your dishes, bowls, or other fragile items without corrupting the space.

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