Buttons will work well to make DIY projects as well. So, you can use them for other purposes than just for your clothes or accessories. In this case, you should be more creative since buttons have various shapes and colors. Feel free to use them to improve your pillow look or create wall pieces. In this article, we are going to show you the lists of Button crafts that easy and affordable to make. Check them out further below and get more inspiration!

Cute Accent Pillow Wih Buttons

Cute accent pillow with buttons


Look at this pretty accent pillow with 100 buttons. They are arranged in perfect lines. It can use hot glue to attach the buttons one by one or you can use threads. Sure, feel free to customize the color and size of buttons based on your desire.

DIY Button Owl On Frame

Combine several buttons in different sizes and colors to make this awesome button owl. In this picture, the creator uses orange buttons of different sizes for the owl’s body. Then, the blue buttons used for creating the wings. White and black buttons to make the eyes. Cool, isn’t it?

Buttons for Wall Art

What do you think? This amazing wall art is made of hundreds of buttons. First of all, you need to prepare a white canvas in a certain size as you like. Then, draw the trunk and branches and make them more interesting by applying acrylic paints. After that, attach the buttons with glue.

DIY Button Wind Chimes

What about these pretty wind chimes? Yes, wind chimes can be made of anything, included buttons. There is no need for professional skills to make this simple craft. Please choose some buttons of various colors and sizes. Use threads to hang it.

Cute Octopus Wall Art With Buttons

This cute octopus is made from scratch and some buttons. You can hang this in your kid’s room or their study area. The octopus looks more alive with buttons. Just customize the size and color as you like.

DIY Button Tree

The creator makes the canopy with a bunch of green buttons. Then, the trunk is made of some brown buttons that arranged well. Feel free to attach them by using glue or you can use threads. Hang this magnificent wall art in your kids’ room.

Cute And Spooky Buttons

What cute and spooky craft is this! You can make this craft for a Halloween craft or other purposes. Of course, this project will not require professional skills at all. A DIY newbie can make it easier.



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