While people like the idea of having a small space since it can make the room more secluded and intimate, there are hidden cons with it that you shouldn’t miss. If you have a small space, you know how difficult it would be to bring home new items since it’ll be challenging for you to place them. This is why storage is essential in every home. 

Of course, you cannot expect everything to be on display as it’ll only look cluttered and compressed. For your non-everyday items, you need to store them properly to keep them out of sight and any possible damage. However, with limited space, it might be challenging, especially if you like to keep plenty of things with you.  

To help you out, listed below are some storage hacks you can use if you have a small space:  

1. Install Floating Shelves 

When talking about storage, the first thing that you might hear is by adding a standing shelf with plenty of boxes inside it. While this may help you store most of your items, if you don’t have enough floor space, you might want to be more creative and optimize what area you have left.  

As you maximize your wall storage, ensure you don’t add things that are too heavy for the brackets. Not only can you risk your shelf and wall from damage, but you can also put people’s lives on the line, especially for sharp and heavy items.

If you have a sturdy blank wall, you should consider getting wall storage, and then use hanging shelves so you can place anything that you’d like. However, you need to be careful when installing them as you’ll rely on the wall and shelf’s stability to ensure safety for you and your things. Thus, look for a quality shelf that won’t break even with an added weight. Conveniently, there are plenty of companies, like Zero Center Shelf, that offer these types of shelves. This means you’ll have plenty of options so you can easily match your home’s interior.  

2. Utilize Storage Boxes 

Another way to allow maximum organization and storage, consider using storage boxes to put and sort your things. Storage boxes aren’t necessarily large nor expensive. You can even use your old shoe boxes as they can serve the same purpose. By doing so, you’d be surprised with how much space you can save when you choose to store your stuff inside your shoe boxes.  

When using storage boxes, ensure that it fits nicely inside each layer of your shelf. This ensures that the storage box won’t fall off. To be more organized, you can choose to use a single design and color for each box. You can also add labels for each container indicating the items inside. This way, you don’t have to dig into every box looking for a single thing since you can now immediately identify them from the outside.  

3. Hang Hats On The Wall  

Owning various kinds and styles of hats can highly improve your appearance. However, storing them in a small space can be very challenging, especially since they can occupy plenty of room. To allow for maximum storage, you should consider hanging them on the wall.  

To store your hats, you could drill in hooks on your wall so you have a place to hang your hats. In this way, not only can you keep your hats organized, but you’ll also ensure that your hats won’t get folded or crumpled. 

Moreover, it’ll also create a great decoration inside your home, especially if you have plenty of blank spaces. This way, you can have a cost-free decoration that’ll surely spruce up your home.  

4. Maximize Door Storage 

Apart from using your walls, you can also use the back of your door for storage. Of course, you cannot expect to use floating shelves, but you can use this area to hang your coats, belts, and scarves. You can look for door hangers in your local store or online.  

As you use your door to hang your coats, ensure that they’re not long or thick enough to the point that it’ll block the door when you’re trying to close it. The last thing you want to happen when you’re running late is the door behind you fighting its way to be unlocked.  

Apart from your bedroom and main door, you can also add hooks on your bathroom door so you can store your robes and towels. In this way, you can easily hang them perfectly and allow them to air dry completely. Just ensure that your bathroom has enough ventilation for proper air circulation. It’ll also help you avoid trapping moisture.

5. Create A Behind The Door Shelf 

Usually, the wall on the side of your door is empty as you don’t have much space to move around with it. However, you can still use the extra space on that wall to enable minimal storage. But you need to set your expectations as you cannot add large items since it only allows for slender things.  

The wall behind your door usually allows for a small gap of space around three to five-inch thick. To maximize the area, you should install shelves without the back part since they can be too thick.  

When installing door shelf brackets, ensure that they have the right width so they won’t interfere with how you can open or close your door. Hence, when additional storage, make sure that your is still operational.   

6. Include A Clothes Rod 

If you don’t like the idea of adding multiple layers of floating shelves on your wall, you should consider adding a clothing rod instead. In this way, you can hang your clothes and coats without the additional need for a cabinet, which can take up your floor space. By doing so, you won’t only save space, but you can also have an additional decoration in your room.  

To maximize this type of storage space, you should consider adding a clothes rod right below a single floating shelf. This way, you can put your accessories or other items on the shelves and allow your clothes to be right below them with your favorite hanger. It’ll feel like that your home would be a walk-in closet and it’ll allow you to enjoy every space you have in your home.  

7. Don’t Forget Staircase Storage 

If your home has an additional floor, you should have a staircase with you. With a staircase, you can find the space below it to be empty and dull. While you cannot use that extra space to relax since you’re more prone to bumps, you can utilize it for additional storage space. 

For your staircase, you should consider enclosing it with walls and install a small door on it. You can turn the extra space for your kitchen pantry or cleaning materials. In this way, you can keep other objects out of sight while still allowing them to be accessible for everyone.  

If you have limited space below your staircase, you might want to transform it into a shoe cabinet. If you’re going to provide a full enclosure, just make sure that the doors have a tiny opening gap so you don’t trap the moisture in. When you keep your shoes in airtight spaces, there’ll be high chances of mold development, which can damage the quality of your shoes, especially for leather.  

8. Create A Space For Every Step On Your Stairs 

Apart from using the space beneath your staircase, you can also maximize the area you have with the steps of the stairs. You could allow each plank of the steps to have a mechanism in which you can lift it and store your things. In this way, you can have additional storage space without building storage that can take up your area.  

As you choose to add storage in your stair’s steps, hire the best contractor for your safety. This is especially important as the gap can cause each plank to be flimsy, especially if you use soft materials.  

9. Maximize Narrow Spaces 

While it may feel off-putting to have a small space in your home, you should learn how to maximize it as much as possible.  

For your kitchen cabinets, for example, if you have an empty space that’s at least five inches, you can use that to your advantage by allowing it to be another storage space, like using it as a spice or pan rack. When using it as a spice rack, place it far from moisture and heat, such as your stove and sink. For it to fit well, purchase similar containers beforehand and just label each bottle for identification. Also, don’t forget to include their expiry dates for safety. In this way, you can rest assured that all of your herbs and spices would go well with each other.  

Apart from having a spice rack, you can also use it to store your cooking pans, which can be delicate to keep. For your non-stick pans, you should store them individually and avoid placing them on top of each other as it can damage the coating. While using a protector might help, hanging them inside a narrow shelf can provide better storage and pan maintenance.

10. Use Magnets 

If you love to cook your meals, you can expect to have a crowded kitchen as you’ll be using plenty of tools and utensils to create your dish. However, with small spaces, you might not have enough place to store them. 

Since a kitchen’s backsplash is usually empty, most homeowners use beautiful placements as they’ll stand out. However, with your tight space, you can utilize it by using it as additional storage.  

If you have enough budget, you might want to consider changing your kitchen’s backsplash into magnetic walls so you can stick your metals on it. In most cases, you can choose to hang your knives and other metal things on them. Not only will you be to save storage space, but you’re also allowing easier access to your kitchen tools.  

Apart from using your kitchen’s backsplash, you can also use the magnetic force on your fridge. While you may want to use as many fridge magnets as possible, you can use its magnet for additional storage space. However, if you’re too afraid that it’ll fall off since you frequently open and close the door, it’s important to keep in mind that the sides of your fridge also have a magnetic feature.  

You can purchase magnet storage for your walls and fridge, which you can use to store small and light items. Ideally, you shouldn’t put heavy objects as it may cause the magnetic shelf to slide down, causing more damage than convenience.  

11. Utilize What’s Under Your Bed 

Having a mattress requires you to use a bed frame so you can elevate your body from the floor as you sleep at night. With this, the space under your bed will most probably be empty. This means that you have additional room for storage. 

Ideally, since you have a small space, you should maximize every available space you have in your home. If your bed frame has enough space in the bottom, you should purchase huge boxes, which you can use for storage. However, if you think that it’ll only make your bedroom look too compressed and full of clutter, you should consider switching your bed frame with ones that allow for additional storage space.

There are plenty of bed frames available in the market today, which allows you to store as many items as possible. In this way, you can hide your things while still being able to conveniently reach them.  


Having a small space can be frustrating, especially since you need to have plenty of things in your home. While living a minimalist lifestyle would help, not everyone is capable of living that way, especially if their occupation needs it.

As you choose to expand the storage space in your home, ensure that you hire the best service provider to ensure the safety of your home and everyone living with you. Moreover, don’t forget to declutter all the time since you don’t have the luxury of storage space to store everything that you want to keep inside your home.

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