If your porch already looks so dull, it is time to change its design. What about adding more colors to the painting? It will change the decor without spending lots of money. What you need to prepare are some paints and paintbrushes. No need to think harder! We will only talk about a pop of color to make your porch, patio, or garden look more eye-catching. Look at our list below! There are easy ways to upgrade outdoor areas to inspire you.

DIY Painted House Number

Diy painted house number


Look at the door! It is more interesting after the owner adds the house number. You can do so for your front door. Change the color and font you like. Write down your house number using a paint marker. So, you don’t have to repaint your door. It is easy and cheap. We believe you can finish it in minutes.

DIY Wooden Sign

Look at the welcome sign that looks so rustic in this space! You can make it with other styles according to your home. Paint the wood in the color you like. Then, write “welcome” using a paint marker. Add accessories like branches, dried leaves, pinecones, or other things you want. You can redecorate it according to the season too.

Plastic Stone Fountains

Here is one of the best ways to upgrade a garden decor. Use a fountain to make it like a garden in nature. You don’t have to use the stone. Just buy a plastic stone fountain you like. Feel free to repaint it in any color you like. It is a little thing but will impact your garden design. 

With Old Wooden Crates

If you have an old wooden crate, why don’t you use it for a planter? Repaint it with the color you like. Then, put a plant on it. Let it on your porch to infuse style. So, your front area will not look so old again. It refreshed well by the wooden crate planter with its color. 

DIY Faux Cement Tile for Porch

This floor with a beautiful geometric pattern is perfect. You can do so for your cement tile. Draw it on the floor. Then, use a light-colored paint pen to draw the white lines. You can change the color you like, of course. To get a more durable result, you can use oil-based paint pens. It will be long-lasting for the exterior and can defend against the weather or foot traffic.


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