A small but magic item added to your outdoor space is definitely a hero action. Not many people in this world think about the details of outdoor décor innovation. Here we have collected the ideas of DIY Magical Hanging Decoration Ideas To Bring Your Outdoor Alive.

Solar Fairy Dust Tree Globes

These solar fairy dust tree globes will create a magical place atmosphere for your yard, so put them right now. In the night, the globes will create bright night time whimsy while also beautiful glass garden sculptures during the day. you can choose the solar-powered lighting in order to avoid chords and switches. These globes are definitely gorgeous when they turn on automatically at dusk.

The Tin Can Hanging Bee

Tin can hanging bee DIY Magical Hanging Decoration Ideas To Bring Your Outdoor Alive


If you have old tin around your home, this transformation idea is captivating that can turn your tin can into a cute little bumblebee hang from a porch, tree, hook in your garden. The materials you need to create this hanging bee are a tin can, 5 yellow buttons, yellow spray paint, 2 bottle caps, black sticky tape, thread, a piece of plastic for wings, a hot glue gun, black marker, and scissors.

Flowing Ribbon Hoop Décor

This flowing ribbon hoop décor is so pretty, you can create this with your own ribbons, cute little flower, and ladybug accents. You can hang it then from a tree or porch railing. When the wind blows, you will see this hanging item dancing throughout the day.

Vintage Ladder With Lights

Now, you can turn your old wooden ladder into a focal piece in your garden by stringing up classic lights. It is a smart combination of farmhouse style, modern elements, and a few industrial styles ina= one piece of décor. This item magically will cozy up your table. It is great for kitchen island, pool table, or dining room table. Just prepare the old paint, nail holes, antique chain, vintage electrical and wiring, bulbs in various shapes and sizes, ceiling canopy, mounting hardware, burlap chair covers, and hard-wire.

Hanging Bucket Herb Garden

These small galvanized buckets filled with dirt and plants become an ideal way to grow your favorite herbs. You can add chains and hang them from hooks on a wooden rung above your deck chairs or even sofa to create functional garden décor. The complete materials you need to create this item are 4” x 4” beam, ceiling hooks, thin rope for hanging the pails, thick rope for hanging the herb, galvanized pails, herb, drill, step bit, and Forster bit.

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