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25 Homemade Cardboard Toys for Your Fun Home Activities

If you have a toddler then you as their parents need to provide some attractive activities to them. Here, you don’t need to take them outside because you can still provide indoor activities which really functional for their brain growth too.

55 Fun DIY Toys You can Make with Your Kids at Home

Characteristics of optimal growth and development of children can be seen from how active your child is playing. Through this activity, they can learn new things and also develop their creativity. There are many simple and fun toys that you can do with your kids. Then, one of them is educational toys that can be made by yourself.

30 Easy DIY Puppet Crafts for Your Kids

Puppet is an object that can not be separated from young children and puppets are one of the items that must be owned by kids. The craft of paper is suitable for elementary school children because it is very simple and very easy to make.

8 Impressive DIY Board Game Ideas

Board game is such a fun game that will be really impressive because of its lot of variations in type and kind. It is also really easy to be moved and brought anywhere so that you can have it for your family vacation or hang out moment with your friends.

10 Interesting DIY Toys for Your Kids

It is such a great idea to do the DIY toys because you can save your money and stimulate your kids creativity by creating the toys together. Moreover, having a quality time with your kids to do the DIY is really worthy.

20 Attractive Toys Box Ideas for Your Kids

Toys box is such an important thing to have if you have kids in your house. It is utilized to maintain their toys so that all can be well maintained no matter how many toys that your kids have.