Toys box is such an important thing to have if you have kids in your house. It is utilized to maintain their toys so that all can be well maintained no matter how many toys that your kids have. Commonly the problem will be in the motivation of your kids where they don’t have any willing to clean up their toys into the boxes so that here you need give your creativity to make the boxes as interesting as possible.

What you should do to make the boxes look attractive for your kids on the design of the boxes. You should make the difference between the girls and boys boxes so that everything could be suitable and fit with their taste. Don’t forget to make sure that you know exactly on what’s your kids favorite things or idol so that you can use it to choose the design of the boxes.

Girls Toys Boxes

Beautiful wooden toy box with Minnie mouse characters that is a favorite cartoon for your daughter.
Simple wooden toy box with themed frozen for your daughter to make it look beautiful.

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Best toy storage idea for kids with ladder storage that each of which has a box to store some dolls and books to make it look concise.
Classic wooden storage for toys box idea with colorful fabric box that placed in each of rack to make it look attractive.
Clever toys storage organizer with a large wooden box attached to the wall to tidy up your toys so neatly arranged in your daughter’s playroom
Simple and inexpensive toys box idea for your daughters with transparent plastic sliding box for storing some of your child’s dolls and toys
Simple canvas toys box with animal characters so your child will interested to store their own toys in the right place.
Creative bench at the corner with fabric toys boxes to organize your princess toys to make it look simple.
The pretty royal toy box organizer for your daughter with a princess theme that can be used as a bench to sit down.
Unique unused blue plastic boxes for storing your daughter’s toys that are hanging on the wall.

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Boys Toys Boxes

Simple wooden storage for toys organizer with boxes on below which is named according the type of toys, so its easy to organize.
Transparent plastic toy boxes under the bed to store your kids toys you must try.
White and black wooden pallet toy boxes to store toys with the wheels underneath to make it easier for your child to move it.

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DIY toy box that made of wooden pallet with truck shaped
Simple wooden toy box at the corner to store your child’s toys and books you must try in your home
Modern rustic wooden pallet toy box to store your kids toys in their bedroom.

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Light blue wooden pallet toy box to store your child’s toys with wheels underneath for easy removal
Simple blue wooden toys box with Lego shape to store your child’s toys so they don’t get scattered in their playroom
Simple but clever toy box under the bed for storage toy idea in the bedroom to make it easier for your child to store his toys
Simple wooden toys box with a painted image of Super Hero logo to make it look attractive for your child.

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The references show you several different kinds of the boxes design with the different pattern, color, and shape. The more your kids love their toys boxes, the more they love to clean up the toys. You can even try to ask your kids to choose their own toys boxes design so that they can have their responsibility on their own things and keep it useful because they choose it their own.

For the material, you can choose the one that is most proper for you but the most common materials are the wood and plastic. If you want the strong one you can choose wood but if you need the cheap one then plastic will be the best choice for you. For the placement itself you can manage to arrange it under your kids bed so that you can save the space or if the room is wide enough you can place it just anywhere you think it is possible.

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