A trellis is a supporting structure that also serves as the background for your plant arrangement and it becomes a decorative piece nowadays. The trellis will dictate and disposition your plant and the trellis will allow the plant to shine fully against the wall, so you should never underestimate the trellis. If you want your plants to look best and your decoration to be coherent, consider the trellis.

DIY Cedar Trellis from simplifiedbuilding

DIY Trellis Made of Branches

DIY French Tuteurs from sheholdsdearly

Diy MIrrored Trellis

DIY mirrored trellis from homebnc

White wooden trellis screen from comfortandjoyliving

Pipe trellis from homebnc

DIY trellis pvc piping from homeisd

Bamboo pea trellis from balconygardenweb

Chevron lattice with hanging planters from homebnc

Build a Fence Trellis To Train Beans Using Small Space

Iron trellis from yastroyu

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