There are so many stuff that we need to keep in the kitchen. The more stuff, the more you close with the clutter. All you need to do is having a great makeover to organize your stuff to keep your kitchen neat, clean, and of course, clutter free. Check out these cool DIY ways to get your kitchen organized.

Flea Market Basket To Store Utensils


This unique basket will give you an easy access to store your cooking utensils.

Storage For Little Upper Cabinets


These baskets help you organized your kitchen stuff in your little cabinets and you can grab it easily when you need it.

Pantry Organization

Labels helps you (and your guests) easily find everything they need without rummaging around. And the airtight jars keep food fresher than their original bags once open.

Vintage Space Racks

This vintage Coca-Cola crate is does a good job of transforming an old Coca-Cola crate into this piece of magic. Your spices will be happy and cleanup or organization will be a breeze.

DIY Produce Rack

This idea is a great one especially for small space to store your fresh fruit and vegetables using buckets or storage bins that are hang on the wall.

Painted Mason Jar Utensil Holder

This project is great to make every single stuff is back in order and also can be a great and stylish way to decorate your kitchen.

Simple Way To Store Cutting Boards


Screw the wire organizer to your cabinet door and your cutting boards are easily accessible and nothing falls over when you take one out.

Simple Pantry Organizer

Store your stuff such as serving trays, platters, and cutting boards with tension curtain rods. Position appropriate-size rods between the shelves, twist rods to tighten, so their inner springs will keep them upright and use two rods on both sides of each item, spacing them according to the dimensions of individual pieces.

Towel Bars To Organize Pots And Pans

Storing pots and pans need much space. Instead of keep them in container, hang your towel bar and use it to store your pots and pans just like the picture above.

Cutlery Drawer Organization

Cutlery trays is a great way to separate every different utensils that you have. This tray will give your utensils extra space and you can put them in the drawers so there was extra space on the side and bottom too.


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