Throw pillows are home items that almost anyone has. Usually, you will find them in a living room, bedroom, or any other place that has a seating space. Even, you can find throw pillows in a swing chair. There are many throw pillows with attractive patterns that you can afford in the nearest store. You can buy it from an online store as well. However, adding your personal touches might look so interesting. See our ideas below for decorating your own throw pillows!

Throw Pillow With Pocket

Throw pillow with pocket


It will be nice to read in a seating area while seeing wonderful views outside. This throw pillow lets you store a magazine, newspaper, even book in its pocket. Sure, you can make this simple project only in less than a day.

Pillow With Pom Poms

This project is a piece of cake. The creator attach pom pom in each corner of the throw pillows without a sewing machine. You only need to take your a needle, thread, and scissors. Even, a DIY newbie can do it easily.

Cute Sweater Pillow

Rather than throw away your old sweater, it will better to recycle it as a cute sweater pillow. You don’t have to create any patterns to spruce it up. A sweater throw pillow looks nice even without additional accessories.

Throw Pillow In Heart Shape

Look at these lovely heart-shaped throw pillows with different colors that will add a cheerful feeling in your living room seating. We love the colors and the shapes and the kids will too.  However, you need to have at least basic sewing skills to create this amazing craft.

All-Weather Outdoor Cushion

You need to buy some leftover plastic grocery bags to make this cool throw pillow. Putting this cushion outside will not be a problem since it is an all-weather outdoor cushion. Feel free to customize the ombre pattern as your desire.

Old Dress Throw Pillow

Sure, you need not buy new fabric to make this glamour throw pillow. Take your old sequined dress and cut it. Use a sewing machine to get a rectangular shape. But, you are allowed to use your hand. You will see sparkling pillows in your room.

Big Bow Throw Pillow

The big bow in this throw pillow takes a major interest. Pay attention to make a matching bow. So, it will be more elegant and timeless. This pillow looks nice to be put in the seating area of your deck or patio.

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