Do you have planters that beautify your home? Anyway, you need to have an impressive flower pot to make your plants different from others. Looking for the pot ideas? Here we have Affordable DIY Flower Pot Ideas To Introduce Your Gorgeous Plants.

DIY White And Copper Succulent Planters


If you have bland glass bases for your plants, just jazz it up by spray painting them in white then add copper foil lines or ribbon to create a pretty planter that perfect for small succulents.

DIY Scallop Patterned Planter

Diy scallop patterned planter Affordable DIY Flower Pot Ideas To Introduce Your Gorgeous Plants


To create this scallop patterned planter, you need round sticker labels cut in half to create the scallop pattern then put in on your planter vase.

DIY Recycled Can Herb Pot

It is time to renew your old can. Here you can recycle your cans by cleaning them all. If you want the simple one, you can let it with its real color for the rustic impression. Or, you can paint them with spray paint to recreate the exterior color. Last, add a chalkboard label to make people easier to know the name, especially the ones who just start to love to plant the herb. This idea is perfect for your own herb garden to use for cooking.

DIY Clay House Pot

Everyone, you can express all your creativity by hand sculpting a non-typical plant pot shape like the clay houses pictured here using oven-bake clay that offers a stunning clay pot where you can not find at the store. Limited edition!

DIY Ikat Plant Pot

Take your paintbrush and your favorite color of craft paint to update your terracotta pot by freehand painting an ikat design. It is easy because you can paint it as simple as increasing painting diamonds in size to create style.

DIY Mini Flower Garden Pots

It is time to make this DIY mini flower with your kids that you can make it on the weekend. Decorative tape and permanent markers will go a long way with a little bit of creativity. This type of pot will invite your kid to come and come again to see the plant growing.



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