Do you want to change your room decoration in minutes? Asking professionals may take time and will spend more money. If you are brave enough to try something new, why don’t create some DIYs? You can do an upholstering project, upcycling old items, or other DIY ideas. In this article, we are going to show you effortless DIY projects that are easy to do and less budget. Let us check them out!

Get More Plants

Get more plants

Do you love plants? We have good news for you. Having more plants doesn’t mean you should buy new plants. You can cut from the older one and plant it in other pots. Put each of them anywhere in your house.

Cool New Doorknobs

Cool new doorknobs

When you have nothing to do in your house, try this super cool DIY project. Change your old doorknobs with the new one. This idea will make your home decor looks younger and fresh. Choose the gold doorknobs to add a glamour touch.

A Set Of No-Sew Curtains

A set of no-sew curtains

No sewing machine is okay. You can copy this idea by creating a new curtain by hand. Though it will take more time than using a machine the result can be so awesome. Feel free to choose the color and pattern for your curtain.

Hang Some Arts

Hang some arts

This simple idea will give a huge difference in your house. Adding some arts will improve your room decoration instantly. Further, it gives an artistic value as well. Feel free to hang paintings, plates, or other wall accents.

Add Pom Pom To Pillows

Add pom pom to pillows

Well, this is a super easy project that anyone can do. Add a pom pom to your pillows by hand. No need for a sewing machine. Even, a DIY newbie will able to finish this project in less than an hour. So, why don’t you make it soon?

Give Label to Kitchen Necessities

Give label to kitchen necessities

Sometimes, it is hard to find which one is the salt bottle among some bottles in the kitchen. So, it will be better for us to label each bottle based on the content. Then, we will easily find the paper, salt, or sugar by reading the labels.

Cell Phone Holder

Cell phone holder

The charging station might be so messy. Moreover, if we feel hard to find the place to put on our phone. In this picture, the creator has a great idea to cut a bottle of baby lotion and use it for a phone holder. Isn’t it a piece of cake?




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