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DIY Clay Pot Crafts To Show Off Your Creativity Indoor And Outdoor

Well, clay pots are easy to find and inexpensive. This idea can create an eye-catching impression for your home and garden décor. By adding a little creativity to the pot, you will have fun and exciting looks for your indoor or outdoor. Here we have clay pot craft ideas that easy to copy on DIY Clay Pot Crafts To Show Off Your Creativity Indoor And Outdoor.

Clay Pot Lighthouse

This do-it-yourself lighthouse is not only sweet but functional by its solar-powered light. It does not need batteries or wires because of its solar lamp and you can just display it in your garden for a little evening glow.

Terra Cotta Pig

This little piggy looks so adorable with it’s a couple of lengths of rustic twin on its dangly legs. It represents a warm welcoming sign to your guest into your home or yard.

Clay Pot Chandelier

Clay pot chandelier DIY Clay Pot Crafts To Show Off Your Creativity Indoor And Outdoor

To have a DIY clay pot chandelier, you will need more time, tools, and concentration. Meanwhile, the result you will get after time, tools, and concentration is definitely worth the effort. Paint the pot then this has a double function as chandelier and as a spot for planters.

Flower Pot People

This is a picture of a perfect housewarming gift for a person with a green thumb. You could not be happier more to display this pot people in a front yard or herb garden.

Clay Pot Frog

This clever project creates a bit of whimsy to your entryway or garden. This tiny clay pots offer as perfect buggy frog eyes and a pair of foam feet there are easy enough to freehand.  To create this, you will no need to break out the glue gun, you just need the tacky glue that works well with terracotta.

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Garden Wind Chimes

This garden wind chimes idea is best to bring a bit of cherry music to your yard. It is a perfect craft as a project with your kids by beading a few lengths of leather cord, drip-paint a clay pot, and adult step-in to assemble the wind chime. It is perfect, right?

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