Having the romantic things for your Christmas celebration doesn’t mean that you should buy new stuff. In this case, you can amazingly make the DIY project to really fulfil your desire. Again, you could also save your money since it won’t cost too much as if you buy the new stuff. Even more, you can adjust the budget with your capability where changing the cheaper material is really possible here. Here we serve you with some possible yet worthy DIY projects that you can do.

DIY Candle

Look at how lovely those DIY decorative candles are! Those three designs simply done by using paper, gold glossy ribblon, and glue. In this case, for the glass that you are going to use, just simply choose the glass that available in your house. You can even have the more unique glass design if you have.

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DIY Gift

For the valentine gift, it won’t only about flower or chocolate. Just like what we have here, you can even have the bowls in different size with sprinkle and measuring spoon. By wrapping all together with red ribbon, you can really have the sweet gift. Anyway, this gift will fit for those who love baking or cooking. See more at DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts.

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DIY Card

By making the mold of your hand with paper material, you will simply able to make the valentine card. It feels like you give your own hand to the ones you love directly. Decorate the card with red heart ornament then write your love message. In hence, make the heart pop up creation as the addition ornament is such an adorable surprise that you can do. See more at DIY Valentine’s Day Card.

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DIY Flower

If you want to be antimainstream, giving the artificial flower can be the best choice for you. This flower craft is the easy example that you can adapt. All you should do is just preparing the dried twig and color it in white color. Then, use the nylon yarn as the blooming. For the last touch, tied all together by using the jute and different ribbon type.

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DIY Hanging Ornament

Heart shape is the symbol of love that you can absolutely apply for your valentine decoration. This heart shape hanging ornament made of roses is really a pretty and wonderful one. Not to make it boring, you can use different color roses and make the gradation in it. Then, for the installation, simply hang it into the spot that you think you need it the most.

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DIY Standing Ornament

How lovely these white and pink heart tress could be. Whereas, it is just a simple one but it has the ability to bring such a wonderful ornament. What you should do here is just preparing as much as possible the hearts that made of felt material. Then, top off your heart tress with heart shape beads.

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DIY Lighting

To create the romantic lighting, better for you to apply the dim lighting. Then, for the pretty and adorable one, you could provide it in massive way. You don’t need to worry that you will lose the romantic side since you still use the dim character lighting. In this case, not only with the lamp, you could also provide the lighting by using candles.

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DIY Cake Decoration

For valentine treat, cupcake can be the best choice for you. Besides for its cute look, it also quite easy to devorate with its small size. For the simplest one, you can simply put the mini cupcake into the red cake paper. Then, put it into the red heart shape box for the romantic impression. Al last, to give the prettier touch, wrap the box with red ribbon for the harmonious one.

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