Your Christmas vibe won’t be completed without preparing gift for your family or your guests. You may need to prepare many of the gifts since Christmas will be the moment where you’ll have such a huge gathering. Here you need to think of gifts that won’t need lot of budget but still can be proper and good enough to be given for others in Christmas celebration.

The good thing about it is that you can make your own gift by doing some DIY project of it. There are some ideas of DIY Christmas gift which are really common and easy enough to be made. The things inside the gift and the materials that are used are also cheap but still really proper and will bring happiness without any doubt. You can check our essential Christmas gift ideas below so that you can be inspired.

Jars of Gift

This jar is filled with three different types of chocolate those are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate with cocoa powder and milk powder under the chocolate. Give tag with Christmas message in a small piece of paper that hangs on the edge of the jar tied with a red polka-dot ribbon.

Give them the gift of relaxation, all in the convenient packaging of a jar. The ingredients themselves are easy enough to find. Give a little modification to get the beauty in this bottle and don’t forget to give a little tag for Christmas message. It will be a really awesome Christmas gift with a jar full of energy, a jar full of refreshment, and a jar to pamper your friends.

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Boxes Gift

Make a versatile Christmas confine box. Use the color that can be matched with Christmas like what we have here that is green. Do not forget to also add a festive touch around the box display with red ribbon decoration and colorful rope to enliven the celebration moment.

This white box is really cute and proper to be used as your Christmas gift box. You can paint it together with your kids at home and give some Christmas message to bring the spirit of Christmas into the box.

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Scented Candle

In your efforts and desire to spread joy during the Christmas holiday season, you might feel confused to find the perfect gift for your family and close friends. This scented candle is a fantastic choice. You can do the DIY of it by using jars or glass that you don’t use anymore. Fill the candles into the glass then decorate it to create the design and style that you wish.

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Basket of Gift

This kind of gift package is made of rattan wing long size that can be utilized to put gifts with long size like bottle of beverage and some foods with such of long size. Since it is the rustic style of package, then you don’t need to give extra decoration because rustic style brings simplicity characteristic.

This black wood basket can be really suitable to be used as your container of your Christmas gifts. You can put things like candy, jam, chocolate drink, and more that might be loved by your guests. Don’t forget to add tag that contain the Christmas message.

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Basically there are four main gifts ideas that you can have those are by using jars, pack your gifts into the boxes and baskets, and decorative candles. For the jars and decorative candles, you can have it by utilizing your old mason jars or glass. Simply put some sweet snacks like chocolate, cookies, or cocoa powder and decorate it with ribbon, beads, and any of pretty ornament. Do the same thing to decorate your decorative candle.

For the boxes and baskets, you can put more things inside and give it for those who close enough with you. Use some ornament to make it pretty just like what you have in your jars and decorative candles. You can even use it to pack your jar as one of the gift that you are going to serve. Just simply choose the impression that you want to have. The baskets will be more rustic and the boxes can be designed into the modern one.

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