Decorating and designing your garden does not need to be an expensive job. In fact, if you choose DIY (Do-It-Yourself), your outdoor decoration project will be awesome. You will save money and can try to hone your creativity. These 8 easy DIY gardens will help you build them in no time and you can also use household items daily. So avoid chaos and start reading this article for inspirational tips and tricks!

  1. Used tires


Paint the old worn tires in the backyard and create beautiful and eye-catching gardens. Your friends may want to pay you to do the same for them.

  1. Cactus movement


A beautiful bowl, some rocks, shells and cactus are easy to maintain are all you need for a garden interior without full of hassles.

  1. Plant pitcher


The old water jug ​​can be directly used for the beautiful planters or cut the middle for more antique.

  1. Bottle or jar


Or use glass jars as an elegant and charming hanging tray. How does this give its own color in your garden?

  1. Pile of compost fertilizer


Compost piles are a practical and safe way to keep the soil in your garden rich and full of nutrients.

  1. Labeling


It’s also important to label your plants by date and name so you know when the precious mango is ready to be picked.

  1. Your Favorites


Save space for your favorite blossom. Do not forget to check regularly for pests and insects so you will not let them eat the roses that you really like.

  1. Walls


You do not have a park on the wall for no reason. Hang some old bird cages as a garden area and this will be lively and appealing to the rest of your home

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