We often encounter the bottle covers in our life every day. When we buy bottled mineral water to buy soft drinks. Instead we discard it, actually this one waste can be transformed into an eye-catching home decoration you know. In this article you will find 8 DIY that can beautify your home. Make it very simple and not take long. Do you want to try it?

  1. Soda Bottle Cover for a funny and cute candle


Do not throw the soda bottle covers, give it a wick, and melt the wax. A mini candles for home decoration is ready to use.

  1. Bottles Cover of any drink, to make accessories


The bottle cap can be converted into pendant. Cut the picture you want according to the size of the bottle cap and then flush with the resin and attach it behind it.

  1. Bottle Cover for wall decoration


Super easy, you just need to cut a little plastic bottle cap as in the picture and put adhesive behind it and paste it into the bathroom wall.

  1. Types of bottle caps make beautiful curtains



Have lots of colorful plastic bottle caps? Arrange according to color and make the room divider curtain.

  1. Bottle Cover for a more elegant lamp


The white plastic bottle cap can be transformed into a lamp. Let’s follow the tutorial below.

  1. Bottle Cover for make-up storage while traveling


Frequent hassles bring plenty of makeup bottles while traveling? Now it’s not necessary anymore, you can make your own from a bottle of soda!

  1. Fridge decorations are super easy to make


Fill the bottle cap with a photo and flush it with resin, behind which you can attach a magnet. So other fridge magnets than usual!

  1. Photo frame from bottle cover


To make the display, you just need a zinc, a bottle cap, and a photo frame. Ready to try now?

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