The wall is one of the main parts that is in the house. In addition as a partition, the wall can also be a place to hang various decorations of the room. But without excessive accessories, you can give paint patterned paint that makes the home interior look eye-catching!

  1. Do you want to have a wall with striped texture?


Use a brush or a broom to print it, the shape of the downy feather that makes the wall the line we want.

  1. Paint wall with diagonal motif


Just need isolation to print the pattern, then paint the open area, paste the crossed insulation reserve space in the middle to form diagonal

  1. Cloud pattern for child character


Print the cloud pattern on a piece of cardboard, then use it to create a wallpaper on the wall!

  1. Wall with brick pattern


Armed with a sponge and a ruler, you’ll succeed in printing a brick-patterned wall!

  1. A neat sphere


Stick the mica paper with polka dot pattern on the wall and color the area that is not closed mica

  1. Tribal pattern


It just needs isolation, paper with tribal patterns, and paint to make the house wall look cool!

  1. To look eye-catching is very simple


Prepare boxes, markers, insulation, and follow this tutorial! And make an eye-catching wall in your home!

  1. Big patterns that are symmetrical or asymmetrical


Use paper isolation to create a pattern and then color an empty area using your choice color paint. Good luck at home yes!

  1. Polka-dot unique shape that you can create on the wall with simple materials


Cut the sponge into a round shape, attach it to the paint and make a pattern on the wall just the way you want it.

  1. Paint with motifs like a curtain


Prepare colorful paint and a large syringe, then pour slowly from the top of the wall. Then it will trickle lengthwise like the curtain rope that hangs on the wall.

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